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It depends on which species it is.

Many species are edible but not all.

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What does orange flowers mean?

Orange flowers don'tmean anything. If you are asking about orange trees then their flowersare white and they will eventually lose their petals and oranges will form.Orange flowers can Symbolize energy, enthusiasm, and warmth, fascination, and Passion for life.

What is a form of reproduction that does not involve flowers seeds or fruits?


How do flowers change into fruits?

cherries; apples; strawberries; others start by flowers, then form into fruit in time.

How do you explain how fruits and seeds form from flowers?

After pollination, fertilization takes place. then the ovaries grow into fruits and ovules grow into seeds. That Is All.

Are flowers is a vegetative organ?

No flowers are not the vegetative organ of the plants. It is the reproductive organ since from flowers seeds arise in the form of fruits. Flower's vegetative organ are the leaves and some of the buds that arises from the nodes of the plants.

Why do plants with fruits on trees spend energy creaating fragrances smells more than plants with fruits on the ground?

The tree requires to attract pollinators to the flowers before the fruit can form. The flowers on the plants on the ground can be pollinated by passing animals moving their pollen around.

What is the difference between aggregate fruit and compound fruit?

Aggregate fruits form from single flowers that have multiple carpels which are not joined together, i.e. each pistil contains one carpel. Compound fruits are combination of aggregate fruit and Multiple fruit. Multiple fruit is fruits of separate flowers, merged or packed closely together.

What is the possessive form of flowers in parentheses?

The possessive form for the plural noun flowers is flowers'.

Can male flowers bear fruits?

None that I know of. If there are any, they are the exception rather than the rule. The female flowers have the ovary part which gets fertilized by the pollen from the male flower, and this ovary then enlarges to form a fruit.

What part of the plant produces mango?

Bunches of mango fruits develop on its inflorescence. Infact the ovary of some flowers form fruit on mango plant.

What is the plural possessive form of flower?

The plural form of the noun flower is flowers.The plural possessive form is flowers'.Example: The flowers' colors brightened the room.

How do you use flowers in possessive form?

The possessive form of the plural noun flowers is flowers'.Example sentence: The flowers' prices are very reasonable. (the prices of the flowers)

How are fruits produced?

Fruits are the matured form of the seeds.

How does a flower form?

They form flowers

Why is a plant successful if it has many flowers?

Flowers form seeds, if there are many flowers means more seeds to form new plants

What made aerosmith form?

Their passion for rock and roll

What is the plural of orange?

The plural form of orange is oranges.

Can methadone be orange?

Yes, Methadone does come in an orange form.

What vitamins are found in fruits?

In fruits especially vitamin C is rich in citrous fruits, and also vitamin E , Vitamin A in its precursor form that In the form of carotene it is present. Vitamin K

Why does water milfoil's flowers form above the surface of the pond?

The flowers form above the surface of the pond so that they can be pollenated.

Do flowers or fruit form first?

Flowers come first. the flowers form first then the fruit. there is always a 'flower' end to the fruit so you can tell which end the fruit originated.

Is the word flowers a plural noun?

Yes, flowers is the plural form of flower.

Is it grammatically correct to say squirrel eat fruits?

It would be grammatically correct for the plural form, 'Squirrels eat fruits.' If you use the singular form, 'squirrel', you can say, 'A squirrel eatsfruits.'

Where do seeds form?

Flowers and cones

What do monkeys eat do they eat in a special way?

The diet of monkies varies form fruits, leaves, flowers, insects, eggs, and small reptiles. Somtimes monkeys eat upside down, and hanging from a tree