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Yes, you can eat yogurt while on antibiotics. It's encouraged for women because the antibiotics can cause a yeast infection. The yogurt helps replace the good bacteria.

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Can you eat activia yogurt while pregnant?

No, do not eat activia yogurt while pregnant. Just eat the other kind of yogurt.

What should one eat while taking antibiotics?

Being that the antibotics may remove all the good bacteria in your stomach, it's best to eat yogurt to help replace that. If you do not, you could have diarrhea.

How much yogurt do you need in a day to prevent a yeast infection when taking antibiotics?

Every time you take a pill , eat some yogurt .

Why will the yogurt not occur when you add a antibiotics?

The antibiotics prevent the growth of the bacteria that is needed to make the milk become yogurt.

Can you eat yogurt while taking coumadin?

Yes yogurt is an acceptable food to eat while taking Coumadin. You may also eat milk and cheese but avoid pork and beef liver.

Does yogurt weaken the effectiveness of antibiotics?

Some antibiotics should be taken on an empty stomach to be effective (a certain time before food) Others should be taken with or after food. Your doctor or chemist will advise you how to take your prescribed antibiotic or you can look at the instructions on the leaflet that comes in the box with the antibiotics and you should follow this advice. Treat yogurt as just another food when following these instructions, there is nothing special about yogurt in this regard. However, sometimes it helps to eat live yogurt as part of your food while taking antibiotics and afterwards because the antibiotics can kill off friendly bacteria that normally live in your intestines and some people believe that the bacteria that cause milk to turn into yogurt can help to repopulate your intestinal bacterial flora.

Can i eat bananas while taking antibiotics?


Can you eat shellfish while taking antibiotics?


What fruit can you eat while taking antibiotics?


Can olde English bulldogs eat yogurt?

Yes, olde English bulldogs can eat yogurt as long as they aren't allergic. In fact, many breeders actually throw about a teaspoon of it into their puppies kibble daily. Yogurt can also be helpful to dogs that have been on an extended period of antibiotics.

Does Dannon Yogurt have hormones or antibiotics in it?


Can I eat banana while taking antibiotics?

Yes, there is no reason why not.

Why doctors advice to take curd along with antibiotics?

Cultured yogurt is best while taking antibiotics because it balances the Ph levels of the body. Women generally can suffer cramps, yeast infections, infections or general nausea from taking antibiotics. CULTURED YOGURT will counter-balance this. Antibiotics can strip the good bacteria from the lining of the intestines so you want to protect this.

What is the role of antibiotics in bacteria?

Antibiotics work in one of two ways: A bactericidal antibiotic kills the bacteria. Penicillin is a bactericidal. A bactericidal usually either interferes with the formation of the bacterium's cell wall or its cell contents. A bacteriostatic stops bacteria from multiplying. The problem with antibiotics however is that it does not identify bacteria but rather kills all of it but some bacteria is good and is necessary for you to live. This is why you begin to feel fatigued after about a week of taking them. It is suggested that you take antibiotics at the same time every day and to combat the affects eat yogurt at least two hours prior as yogurt has good bacteria. If you have to eat your yogurt at the same time or within the two hour period it is suggested that you eat non dairy soy yogurt.

What type of yogurt is healthy for me to eat while dieting?

yogurt is fine to eat on diets in moderation. try to stay away from yogurts that add sugar. Any other yogurt is fine with no preference to which is best. yogurt in moderation can be helpful to get your calcium in your diet

Do rats eat yogurt?

they can eat plain yogurt

Can worms eat yogurt?

yes worms can eat yogurt

Can you eat dairy products and amoxicilin?

Yes, in fact it is recommend because any antibiotics will strip your body of bacteria (both good and bad) so it helps restore the bacteria in your intestines and by restoring it, the yogurt prevents or makes the diarrhea less. It also keeps you from getting yeast infections while on antibiotics.

Can you take Immodium after finishing an antibiotic?

Yes, you may take an OTC anti-diarrheal such as Immodium. To prevent diarrhea, be sure to take a probiotic like acidophillus while you're taking the antibiotics - or just eat lots of yogurt!

What to eat while on antibiotics?

WE know nothing of your medical condition. Ask your doctor

Can i eat tomato while taking antibiotics?

Absolutely... there's no justifiable reason why not !

Is it okay to eat yogurt if you have cough?

You are not suppose to eat yogurt when have cough

Can rats eat vanilla yogurt?

if they can eat out of a trash can their whole life, they can eat vanilla yogurt.

Can you drink milk while taking metronidazole?

No ..Metronidazole should not be taken while drinking milk , in fact any antibiotics should not be taken with dairy product such as milk, yogurt etc. because dairy product contains the calcium which causes antibiotics less effective.

Can you eat eggs while taking antibiotics?

Yes eggs can be eaten while taking antibiotics unless a doctor or physician says otherwise or it is specifically listed as a warning on the medication bottle.