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Q: Can you edit superstars attire in smackdown vs raw 2010 for psp?
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Can you edit superstars attire in smackdown vs raw 2010 for ps2?


How do you edit superstars attire in smackdown vs raw 2010?

Earn them or use cheatcodes

How do you edit superstars attire in smackdown vs raw 2010 for the wii?

i have the wii and i dont think you can

How do you edit a WWE superstars clothing on WWE smackdown vs raw 2010?

you cant on PS2 but you can on XBOX360 and PlayStation 3

How do you wear different stuff in your entrance on smackdown vs raw 2011 wii?

While creating a superstar, select 'edit enterance attire'.

How do you edit a superstar in svr 2009?

You can only edit the superstars Entrance, Move Set and Roster Selection in SmackDown vs RAW 2009.

How do you edit superstars on smackdown vs raw 2011?

if you want to edit somone like have sheamus a new t-shirt then you need a hard drive or a flash drive.but if you mean like change the attributes then that's a dlc (DownLoadableContent)

How edit the superstar attire?

We can't edit it.

How do you edit svr10 superstars?

go to 'superstar threads' or edit on your superstars

How do change clothes on smackdown vs raw 2010?

for a superstar go to edit and for someone you make go back to edit your superstar make new top or whatever and just save as new

Can you edit superstars on svr 2010 for ps2?

Yes you can i got the game on PlayStation 2 3 and xbox 360 also Nintendo ds and wii.

Where is edge in WWE?

As of October 2010,wrestling on the Smackdown! brand. EDIT: As of 9/19/11 he has retired due to a spinal injury.

How do you change what roster superstars are on WWE 12?

Go into the WWE universe mode and then click on edit brand. Chose the roster you want to change the superstar/superstars to. After that click on the thing that says (something like) edit superstar and chose the superstar/superstars you want to change to the brand.

In WWE smackdown vs raw like rey mysterio can you change or take off his mask in edit?

Be more specific. In Smackdown Vs Raw 2005 - 2008 You have to pick what they made for Mysterio ButSmackdown Vs Raw 2009 - There Are Two Choices.Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 - You can edit the colors.NONE of them can take off his mask.if you really want his mask off try YouTube'ing on how to take it off or make a Caw just like him from

In smackdown vs raw 2010 how do you get tag teams to come out as tag teams?

Make sure they are made a team in the the team edit and then choose both people together

How do you delete a created super star on smackdown vs raw 2010?

go in CREATE A SUPERSTAR , than EDIT SUPERSTAR and than DELETE the one u want

How do you edit Jeff hardy in 2010 raw vs smackdown?

Just go to the superstar editor and choose his apparel or ring gear (whatever the game calls it) and choose edit or create new.from there you can change the color of his shirt,pants,and face paint. :)

In smack-down vs raw 2009 how can you edit superstars?

you can't unless they are a created superstar. for example u cant edit triple h

Can you edit superstars on SvR 2011?

Yea, all u gotta do is go 2 Create Mode then Create A superstar then go to Edit Superstar then pick your superstar you wanna do. Then keep going to edit. and their you go!!

How do you create a Superstar in Smackdown vs RAW 2007?

From the main menu choose the " Create " mode. From here you can select " Create A Superstar ". Choose your Superstar / Divas, looks including attire. Once done, save your creation, where you can from here edit their " Entrance Theme " and " Move Set ".

Are you able to edit the superstar roster on Smackdown vs Raw 2?

no you can't its like smackdown vs raw it has a fixed story line i think Its SmackDown V Raw 2006 not SmackDown V Raw 2 n ani way no i think the storylines fixed

Can you get the million dollar championship on smackdown vs raw 2010?

Yes you can but I don't know how. I'll improve this answer as soon as I find out. Edit: Yes, you can. Input the password HISTORICALBELTS and you can get it, at least according to Gamefaqs.

What is in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

there are now minitrons and there is no longer a door to the cell you must break the cell to get out. there are over 70 of the most prominent superstars and i heard 40 alumni roster there is new create finisher modes for the game like there could possibly create a back finisher and create a title. There are new options for create a superstar and new edit modes for the superstars like change there hair style there boots and clothing you can keep all the superstars up to date there are now black colored chairs and there are weapons in a hell in the cell match. New mechanics and new ways to interact with the environment there new ladder finishers and you can stack tables and lean ladders on ropes and other tables there are many new things in smackdown vs raw 2011 that will keep you this playin game for a long time

In Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 How Do I Make A TitanTron Video for a Created Superstar?

if you have a ps3 aor an xbox 360 you go to my wwe and go to that thing the you go to edit like moves and rewatch them and somewere you recored the person doing a move the add it to a profile of an created superstar

Can you copy a real wrestler to a created wrestler on smackdown vs raw 2010?

no you can only do that if you create your own superstar you cant edit a character already made on the game e.g rey mysterio unless you want to change their costume in superstar threds but that's only the couler of the costume