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you should be able to, it would be expensive, maybe more expensive then just buying a vr4. To do it you would need the new engine, the turbo wiring harness, and ecu for sure. The transmission of the VR4 (aka turbo 3000) is an all wheel drive transmission, and the N/A 3000's are FWD. To have the car AWD you need to sap the whole drive train from a VR4, other then that your car will just be FWD.


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Sure you can with a bottomless check book but why in the world would you wanna do that?

Yes but it is not worth it. The engines face opposite ways.

U can swap a turbo engine from japan that came in the blue bird which is called a altima in the US...

I was wondering the same thing. Prolly have to change the drive train I would want that awd on mine, catch people sleeping... but someone needs to answer if it could be done!

yes if the turboengen is the right size

Yes You can it is the same engine with the edition of a Turbo

yeah its possible...but u have to get intake and exhaust swapped as well

The turbo off the 300z will fit on the r32, not the manifold, only the turbo.

Yes you can you will need to get the non-turbo engine, non-t ECU and wire harness. The wire harness and ecu are diffrent between the t and the non t.

yes. both engines are the 4g63. the turbo engines from the 1990-1994 is a 6 bolt 4g63 and the turbo engine from the 1995-1999 is a 7 bolt 4g63.

keep yours. order a bottom end short block that's built. Low compression pistons and forged rods.. dont try to swap motors. Then get a turbo. a good ratio for a turbo 420a motor is 8.8:1 good luck.

You can swap the engine from your 1997 Cavalier 2.2 liter engine to your 2000 Chevy Cavalier. The wiring harness and motor mounts should be in exactly the same.

If you're looking to turbo an NA engine, it is very difficult and expensive for the amount of power you will get. Best option is to find a good engine from a Twin Turbo model and swap the entire thing.

The simple answer is yes. there are two engines in talons, lasers and eclipses. or better known as dsm's. (diamond star motors). there is the 4g63, and the 420a. which both come in turbo and non-turbo models. if you are looking to swap a turbo 4g63 into a non turbo 4g63 shell, the swap is simple. same as if your swapping a turbo 420a into a non turbo 420a shell. now, if your looking to swap a turbo 4g63into a nonturbo 420a or vise versa, you will encounter problems with motor mounts, wiring etc. keep in mind the wiring and ecu's etc will be different on each motor.

yes, and if its turbo in the US, its been modded or gotten an engine swap.

a 3s-gte which is a 2.1 turbo is the easiest engine swap. this engine had 200 horsepower in the 5th generation. It was increased to 245 horsepower for the 6th generation celica. I have heard of a supra twin turbo being crammed under the hood a 5th generation celica, which can have upwards of 300 hp, but then you might as well just buy a supra as the cost of the swap would exceed the value of the car. edit: the 3sgte is a 2.0 turbo charged engine and it would be better to swap a 5sfe turbo

Yes, you can, but there is a chance that you will need to change transmission and everything what is going inside the engine. The problem is that Mitsubishi engine parts from different engines are not compatible (it can be turbo Japanese engine, or non-turbo crysler engine and so on).

The "small block" Chev engine is a popular engine swap for this car. As to the twin turbo that is going to be a large amount of work but completely doable.

Horrible idea unless you have a LOT of MONEY, TIME, AND EXPERIENCE! But if you have all three of those Go for it!

For a Turbo 350 to fit a 1997 Silverado 5.7 2wd, it will require a little fabrication.

You could get turbo for the 5mge and the 6mge (CT26), but expect to pay about 4000 bucks for the turbo, which upgrades the engine to 215BHP. For the money (and HP) it is probably a better idea to buy a 7mgte and do the engine swap, as the 7mgte has 235BHP. Expect to pay about 2200, if you are buying the engine new, plus the cost to get the engine swapped. If you need more information on doing the 5mge to 7mgte swap, there are a million (okay, exaggeration..) discussion boards, and websites that talk about that.

Yea you can but you will have to swap the inlet manifold with wiring harness off the ej25 and also the crank and cam Sensors

Yes, you will need to change exhaust manifolds, exhaust tubing and intake tubings.

i dont know alot about toyotas but ive done it in my dodge shadow.... if the engine blocks are the same and bolt up the same....then the only thing you might need to look into is the wiring harness and the computer for the turbo engine.. but before you do this i suggest getting the wiring book from the dealership for the car or just ...make it fit haha the non turbo is 5sfe engine where as the turbo is a 3sgte engine. now you can do a swap [i suggest Google how to do so] but in order to not risk anything there are a few other things u need to swap such as the rear axles.

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