Can you enlist at 17 into the marine corps?

In order to enlist in the marine corps, a person must be at least 17 years of age, with at least a GED and your parent or legal guardian's O.K.

p.s. you also have to have 15 collage credits. Cause the Marine Corps doesnt took just GED's. It has to be a high school diploma or GED with 15 collage credits.

Absolutely. My friend Seth graduated a year early and commited to the Marine Corps at 17. He went through basic training several months before his 18th birthday and got it around leave. He just turned 18 last month [Feb] and is close to reaching Lance Corporal. It took a lot of dedication to be even considered for that rank so soon, but sure enough its looking to pay off. My advice: Go see a recruiter and speak to them, and if youre really dedicated about getting answers, do the necessary research and speak to former or current active duty Marines if you know any to understand the experience you are about to go through. Advice about basic training: It is what you make of it. If you go in with the attitude that its gonna suck, guess what, wish granted. If you go to improve yourself and keep an open mind to what they are doing to you physically and mentally, you can have a lot of fun. Seth is currently in SOI [School of Infantry] and absolutely loves it. Dont join the Marines looking for anything other than a career or a way of bettering yourself. Nothing blows off steam like shooting off a light machine gun and throwing grenades. As i said, dont be discouraged to look at the information available to you, people or the internet or any other means you can find it through. The USMC is no walk in the park but it can be a lot of fun. Also, idk if you've taken the ASVAB already or not, if you didnt score well, id suggest taking some time to study and take it again to open up a wider range of options for career opportunites as an enlisted. Also, look at the benefits such as your college tuition, short of book costs, being COMPLETELY paid for. Even if you dont want to go to college to major in something in that field [much like ive found myself at that point after 3 years], consider it a source for advancement from enlisted ranks into officer status. Big pay bonus, and once again, a HUGE increase in the jobs available to you in the military. Good luck bud.