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Q: Can you experience nipple tenderness during ovulation?
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During ovulation could your nipples not your breasts get very sore and sensitive?

yes some women experience nipple tenderness. This is separate from breast tenderness. Sometimes the breast tenderness may not occur, or may come later in the post-ovulatory stage of the cycle.

Can you have nipple soreness without breast tenderness during pregnancy?

Yes. Not all women experience breast/nipple soreness or tenderness during pregnancy. Some women are 6 or 7 months pregnant before they find out that they are pregnant. So yes, it can happen.

Does touching the breast in the center of the nipple mean breast tenderness?

The nipple is nipple tenderness. Breasts tenderness is usually when touching any part of your breast..apart from your nipple...causes tenderness.

Is nipple tenderness a sign of your period or early pregnancy?

Nipple tenderness can be a sign of your period or early pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're pregnant.

What cause nipple tenderness?

Gynecomastia causes it. It usually occurs during puberty. It should go away in a few months.

What is breast tenderness its pain or swelling or hardness or softness of breast or nipples?

Breast tenderness is all of that. It could be tenderness, pain, swelling...etc of a breast or nipple

Your 14 year old son has bumps and tenderness around nipple area. Is this normal?

Were all have 'bumps' in the dark area around the nipple. As to the tenderness, he may be responding to new surges in hormones now.

Is nipple pain due to pregnancy?

Nipple pain can be due to pregnancy, menstruation, ovulation, trauma, infection, or, rarely, cancer.

Does the Mirena IUD cause nipple soreness?

About 5% of women complain of breast tenderness on Mirena.

What signs do your nipple give when pregnant?

Some women complain of nipple tenderness with pregnancy. The main signs of pregnancy are missing period and positive pregnancy test.

Does around the nipple hurt when pregnant?

Many women complain of breast or nipple tenderness when pregnant. It's also a common complaint at the time of ovulation or menstruation. See your health care provider if the pain doesn't go away within a week; take a pregnancy test before seeing your health care provider if you are at risk of pregnancy.

Sticky nipple discharge from both nipples plus tenderness in chest plus missed your periods?


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