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Yes. I did. Try waiting till your period is a day late and testing.

2006-07-10 18:40:18
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Q: Can you experience pregnancy symptoms even if you didn't miss your first period?
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Can you be pregnant if you have been having symptoms of pregnancy but no missed period and two negative pregnancy tests?

if you didnt miss your period your not prego

Would you be pregnant if you didnt had your period for 4 months and you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?


Can you have an ectopic pregnancy with no pain?

I didnt experience any pain until it ruptured and even then it just felt like trapped wind and i was bleeding internaly and had a tube removed i had no symptoms

If it has been about 3 weeks when do you start to feel symptoms of pregnancy?

Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain. Here is a link to a website that will calculate the probability of your pregnancy: Everyone has didnt symptoms so only you will know. I had symptoms in the first week feeling sick and tired.

What are early pregnancy symptoms? I had dizziness a week after conception,intense smell sense and cramps(when period was due) like my period was gonna start but didnt. Its different for every women though.

Would the pregnancy tests work if you didnt have a normal period?


Im breastfeeding 7 month old ttc period 17dpo period is almost 4 days late had regular period since she turned 3 months have a lot of pregnancy symptoms i didnt notice few weeks ago can i be pregnant?

If you are late and pretty regular, showing symptoms of pregnancy, you very well could be, the only way to know for sure is take a test. You can get pregnant while breast feeding, I did.

Could i be pregnant missed Period Cramps Headaches didnt take a test yet though am I pregnant?

I can't tell you if you are pregnant, because I'm not psychic. But I can tell you that those are pregnancy symptoms, so you shouls take a pregnancy test, which can tell you if you are pregnant or not

What if your partner says he didnt come in you but weeks later youre having pregnancy symptoms... Could I be pregnant?

He probably came in you, go buy a pregnancy test.

If you didnt have a period throughout your first pregnancy can you have it throughout others?

It is very unlikely that you will ever have a period during your second pregnancy as when you have a period, it is a mature egg that was not fertilised. If you want anymore info on any of these topics, then you can contact me on

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend didnt come and your period was 2 weeks off schedule and when it came it was light and short and im bloating and having some of the symptoms?

Having unprotected sex can always result in pregnancy you should do a home test

Condom may have broke not sure girlfriend started birth control but stopped can't remember when period was does birth control change the period?

yes, birth control will change your period.. i miss 4 pills once and had unprotected sex and didnt get pregnant. tell her too start watching for earlie pregnancy symptoms

What symptoms will be after 5 days of pregnancy?

you wont have any. i am 13 and pregnant and the effects didnt come till 8 weeks. not 5 days.

How soon before you know that you are pregnant?

when your period didnt come on that month or you just become sick and take a pregnancy test

What does it mean if your period is late but the pregnancy test says negative?

Hi i missed a period and done a pregnancy test and was negative i did come on a month later this was because i have changed my pill and it didnt sort it out for a couple of months. Hope this helps

Is it possible to be pregnant while on your period and have frequent urination?

I knew a girl who had her period through out her whole pregnancy! She didnt even know she was. She had a perfectly healthy baby girl.

If you conceive a week after your period how soon can you notice pregnancy symptoms?

I had sex a week after my period and he didnt use a codom and told me he did he also told me he cumed 4 times in me dose that mean im peregnant and i took a peregnant test a week after and a week befor my period is that a sign and the home peregntancy said no im not peregnant did i wait to soon to check

Could you be pregnant if you are not yet late for your period but are spotting and having pregnancy symptoms?

I found out i was pregnant a week before i was suppose to start by taking a pregnancy test the reason i took the test is because i was haveing symptoms 2 weeks before i was suppose to start i didnt spot but sometimes people do before they are due to start they call that implantation bleeding yes its possible you could be so take a test or you might be to early to take a test it wont come up then wait a week after your suppose to start Yes, you can be pregnant if you are spotting before your period is due, especially in combination with other symptoms assocuated with pregnancy (nipple tenderness, cramping, moodiness, etc.) A week after your period due date would be the best time to use an OTC pregnancy test to make sure.

How soon do you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Every pregnancy is different, but during my pregnancy, I did not start having ANY symptoms until I was about 11/2 to 21/2 mths pregnant. I didnt even get sick until I was about 3 mths along. If you think that you are pregnant take the at home pregnancy test called CLEAR BLUE. If that is to expensive for you then try your local dollar store because those work just the same.

Is light bleeding a sign of pregnancy?

Yes.You can have a period while you are pregnant because I seen my period for five months but my six month it didnt come on. And when i went to the docotor to take my ultra sign I was five months going on six and my baby was well develope so it is TRUE that you can have your period during your pregnancy.

What does it mean if you only took one Depo shot and have not had a period for two months?

I was on the Depo shot for a year and didnt get my period at all.It just one of the many symptoms that come with getting the shot!

In May you didnt have a period and you took a pregnancy test and saying you were pregnant and had sex at da end of da month on May 31 and still no period that means they got pregnant in April?


Is a lack of your normal PMS symptoms a sign of pregnancy?

Possibly, but I wouldn't use that as the only symptom. Take a test or go see a doctor to be sure. In my experience, yes. I wasn't as crabby, although had the usual fatigue. Also my breasts didnt get lumpy like they usually do, just a little sore.

How do you know if im pregnant when you didnt have your period for 2 months im showing all signs of pregnancy but the pregnancy test sHow is up negative on all 3 test ive taken?

go to your doctor

If i know im not pregnant and i had my period then it just like didnt come back the next month what should you do?

wait a week after your missed period and if it still hasn't come then you should take a pregnancy test