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Can you explain the meaning of Revelation 22 verse 14?


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February 27, 2011 2:48AM

Answer Revelations 22:14

The version of the Bible you are reading will greatly affect your interpretation of this verse. Basically, though, the verse is saying that by serving God through the commandments, you have the 'right' to the tree of life and entrance into His city. However, a lot of times, individual verses plucked from the Bible can be interpreted differently than "originally intended" without taking the verses before it and after it into the context of the verse in question. For Revelations, the verse would imply more that in the face of the desperation and tumult of the end-days, holding onto your faith in God will assure you have a spot in heaven when your time here is no more.


The Tree of Life is Jesus Christ, by accepting his word (The fruit 0f the tree) one may enter into His Fathers kingdom (City). The kingdom being the Celestial Kingdom, the home of God the Father.

My Answer

I think 'washing your robes' refers to washing them in the blood of the lamb, Jesus (as mentioned in Revelation 7:14). What I mean by this is accepting Jesus' forgiveness for our sins. Someone once described it to me with this analogy: we all wear a white coat throughout our lives, and whenever we sin it gets dirty. Jesus never sinned when he became a human, so his coat stayed completely white. However, he came to Earth to die on the cross - taking the punishment we deserve for our sin. This means that on Judgement Day, we'll stand before God in our dirty coats deserving to be sent to hell, but if we accepted Jesus' free gift of forgiveness during our lives then he'll swap his coat for ours - and we'll be completely sinless and "have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city"! As if we'd washed our coats in Jesus' blood - accepting his sacrifice.