Can you explain this 'No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true'?

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No one can live one life in public, and a different one in private without wondering which life is their true one. This quote means that one cannot life a double life without confusing the two after awhile. In the terms of the book The Scarlet Letter Roger Chillingworth tried to get close to Arthur Dimmesdale in order to torment him for having the affair with Hester, whilst under the guise of a physician taking care of the ailing minister. Eventualy, at the climax of the story, Roger makes a grand statement, about Arthur escaping his vengeance by revealing his dark secret on his, and reveals his true intents. He was unable to keep is dark plots separate from his caring facade and consequently served to make Dimmesdale seem even more impressive because he revealed is mistake willingly in an attempt at penance. Dimmesdale himself is also guilty of wearing a mask in public. His health begins to fail because he thinks himself a dastardly sinner, while at the same time believing that show the weakness of human nature to his community would be a betrayal to them. At the end his improper affair serves to make him appear even holier in the eyes of some of the townsfolk, for he showed them that no one is above sin; his two faces become mixed together into the person people think of him as after his death.
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Is it true that you are not in menopause until you go one full year without a period?

You should talk to your doctor about this. All women are different. Also talk to your mum. Answer It is usually accepted that you are not past menopause until you have gone 2 years without a period if you are under 50 and 1 year without a period if you are over 50. Incidentally my grandmother and ( Full Answer )

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Answer . That's simply not true about the laws. There are Abuse Centers and many of them have programs for abused men.. There is much talk of abused women on this site (because there are simply more women abused) and seldom did men come out and talk about their abuse, and I'm proud you did!. Mo ( Full Answer )

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Are you for real? It is 99% sure it is the man you didn't use a condom with! Hello. If the first condom was completely secure and didn't slip off or have any holes in it, then its highly unlikely this man is the babys father. The most likely scenario is the man who didn't use a condom. But you cant ( Full Answer )

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Assalam mu'alaikum if you and her have been divorced (which is final after 3 months in the Islamic way) and you guys have waited 3 months then she is free to marry another man the waiting period of 3 months is to make sure that she is not pregnant but if she is ur wife still and not an ex wife ( Full Answer )

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First of all, I would give it some time. It's not unusual for it to take 6 months to a year to find a new job, depending upon the field that you're in. A company might want to hire you, but not have an opening at that moment. So, timing is important. If money is a problem, get a part-time job or a f ( Full Answer )

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The answer to this is going to depend on exactly what you mean by "can" and "own." Is it legal? No. That is slavery. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible to keep a captive and force him or her to do your will. It is even possible for a person to become a slave willingly and submit voluntarily to a ( Full Answer )

What are the chances of getting pregnant when the man did not wear a condom and pulled out the day after a period?

It all depends on the circumstances. If this happened the day after your period ended, that alone lessens the chance of pregnancy. Many women do not ovulate until around the 10th day of their cycle (10th day since their period first begins), and sperm can only live in the vagina for about 72 hours. ( Full Answer )

If I had another face do you think I would wear this one?

Hmm, it all depends on what you think of the face you have and what your other face looks like. You might switch if you are feeling a certain way or the occasion. However, in reality we can only possess one face that has many different expressions, Be happy and satisfied with who you are as a person ( Full Answer )

What is bewilderness?

\nIt is the super great puppet show by Gustavo Ponce. Visit his website at:

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Synapse occurs specifically between homologous pairs. Homologous chromosomes are non-identical chromosomes that can pair (synapse) during meiosis. Except for the sex chromosomes, homologous chromosomes share significant sequence similarity across their entire length, typically contain the same se ( Full Answer )

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no that is not true that is just an ignorant imature rumer someone made up Hitler actually killed him and his wife and kids then one of his loyal soilders burned there bodys wich is one way people think Hitler died as far as we know Hitler is still alive today. ~~ That is not why Hitler killed ( Full Answer )

Is one religion as true as another?

There is no absolute proof for or against religions. Until such proof emerges each have equal validity. This is of course no bar to people that have a faith in a particular religion.

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There is not much more to explain there - that statement is quite clear. To say it in other words, there is a quantity called "energy", which is "conserved", meaning that in a closed system (if there is no contact with the remainder of the Universe), the total amount of energy remains constant. The ( Full Answer )

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Conjoined twins is the closest thing. CheeseOfBook's sad attempt at answering: In Roman mythology, there is a god named Janus and he has two faces. One looks back at the past, and one looks forward at the future. He is the god of doorways and choices. Of course, a mythological man probably does ( Full Answer )

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100% ture that some plants are harmful to horse. Some can kill within hours of eating. Its very importion as owners to know what is good and what is bad. I will list a few common plants that can be deadly to your horse. I will say it best to talk to your vet. to tell you what is most common in you ( Full Answer )

What are the difficulties you would face in classifying animals without taking the common characters into consideration?

For the purposes of this answer common is understood to mean "usual, widespread, belonging to more than an individual" Therefore the question is understood to ask about the problems in looking at the most unique characteristics of an animal for purposes of classification. The unique characteristic a ( Full Answer )

Can any one be more cruel to man than himself?

No. The individual knows his deepest fears and desires and that gives him an unlimited ability to wound his own spirit. No one but yourself can wound your spirit.

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Jay Z can not by definition be a regular recognized Freemason. Mainly because he has a criminal record, which would preclude his membership before it even got started. Keep in mind there are many groups out there that claim to be "Freemasons" or Free-Masons or some variation of that. The fact is the ( Full Answer )

What is true devotion to one another?

True devotion. It is when you are truly in love with someone and you know that you want to be with them for the rest of your life no matter what.

What does it mean to wear one face?

To wear one face means to remain constant,truthful and steadfast in singularity of thoughts,behavior and action unlike the hypocrites who wear multiple faces.

Can any one explain you the difference between may have could have and might have in Malayalam with examples?

You may have a cup of coffee. ((Thankal) oru cup kappi kudikkoo.) You could have gone to the party instead of sitting here sulking. (Ivide veruthe irunnu samayam kalayunnathinekkal, ninakku partikku pokamayirunnu.) You might have won the race, but you were not at all prepared. (Nee ottathil ( Full Answer )

Explain why the value that people hold may vary from one group to another?

Values are beliefs that something is good and worthwhile for example the value placed on human life or on generosity. Although some sociologists see shared values as essential to social order and unity of society, values do vary within a society itself. All human beings need to be socialized but ( Full Answer )

Is it true that a man ate a homeless mans face?

yeah they were on modified STDs the man thought that the guy was a monster so he started eating him, others say he was a "zombie" because he was shot 6 times before he died.

What may be the appropriate level of working capital for one company may not hold true for another?

Growth is one factor. More working capital wiill be required at higher growth rates due to the need to buy inventory and hold receivables in a higher growth situation. Predictability is another factor. If sales and other factors can be precisely estimated then no safety stock woul be required. ( Full Answer )

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Men typically do not wear dresses. If one does not have the confidence to wear it, he probably shouldn't bother. There is little to gain by doing so. People, whether male or female should wear clothing that makes them comfortable and which affords practical use for the situation they are enter ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to get pregnant without getting your period?

Yes, it is possible. A woman can only get pregnant during her fertile phase - when sheovulates, and about a week prior to ovulation when there is fertilequality cervical mucus present - this occurs between 2-3 weeksbefore menstruation. So you would ovulate before getting your firstperiod, thus coul ( Full Answer )

How do you shave your face without getting a rash?

By using bold for men shaving burn no rash i love this one ... A Luxurious Waterless Shave gel that can be used as a complete 3-in-1 shaving regimen (pre-shave/shave/post-shave).

What does it mean when you dream about a man without a face?

Any meaningful interpretation depends on what the man is doing,where he is, and how you are relating to him in the dream. Youremotions in the dream are also crucial. Very generally, anyfaceless person represents an unknown character, factor orinfluence.

Why do people hate one another without any provocation?

Thank you for giving an expert opinion. My concern is how we canovercome this hatred. I don't think that any of the prophets (Maypeace be upon them all) preached hatred against any body. All humanbeings are the off-spring of a single couple-Hazrat Adam a.s. andHazrat Eve a.s. We should have been lov ( Full Answer )