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Can you feed horses bananas?


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Yes you can


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Yes, horses can eat bananas. It is a great little treat to give them. Just make sure they don't choke on the peel. DO NOT FEED THEM ALOT OF THEM THOUGH.

horses. love corn on the cob(not cooked or husked), bananas, apples, and carrots.<3

Some horses will eat bananas. Bananas are sweet and horses enjoy sweet foods.

bananas are okay for horses. they like bananas because they are sweet but treats designed for horses is better.

This varies. Horses like many different feeds. Alfalfa, oats, apples, carrots, bananas, sweet feed, grains, corn.

No they are not.a matter afact horses love bananas there quite healthy.

bananas are unhealthy for horses not for humans

too many bananas are bad for horses but a few wont hurt them

yes! you can feed your hermit crab grapes, bananas, sliced apples, and small pieces of broccoli

you can feed horses chaff, barley, horse pellets and apples for some examples.

You have to sneak into the horses stable and feed them. Or ask the most kind person there to feed them.

No, but you can feed small children to bananas in the morning.

You can feed them flock raiser which will get them chubby, you can also feed them yougurt and bananas

Feed him lots of bananas:)

Yes, horses can eat sweet feed so long as it is made specifically for horses. Never feed a horse anything made for another species such as cattle. Sweet feed can be high in sugars so it is recommended to only feed small amounts to horses that need it, such as those in work.

God made banana trees that grow bananas to feed us & sum animals.

yes you can feed dogs vegetables as long as it is included in a balanced diet. bananas are a fruit not a veggie.

Yes, horses can eat bananas.

Yes bran is very good for horses. It helps clean out their systems. We feed our horses at my stables bran once a week.

it will eat dick bc mines big but dont feed it the bananas behind you

no, unless you want a sick dog. diarrhea and all that stuff come out if you feed your dog bananas. ya bad idea from cora frey

by giving them royal bananas.

If horses are feed leeks, they will get sick.

HAY for like the hay you feed horses horses.

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