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You can feed your cat boneless chicken or fish if you wish.

However with chicken, try not to feed your cat too much. Chicken is very high in protein, which can cause diarrhea and excessive wind if they eat too much.

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Q: Can you feed your cat boneless chicken or fish?
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What should I feed my cat and kitty?

Fish and chicken for cats. Kitty wet food + water

What to feed your cat other than cat food?

fish, ham, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, and many more meats.

What to feed your picky cat?

eggs ( not raw), meat ( serve in small chunks), fish ( canned tuna), or chicken ( remove the bones first.

What do you feed kitty in minecraft?

you feed the cat fish.

Is it safe to feed chicken to a cat?

Cooked chicken is fine..Not the fragile bones tho.

How do you feed a cat in Minecraft?

feed it raw fish to tame it but im not sure if you can feed it. right click.

If your cat is allergic to chicken can you feed her any chicken free food?

yes, like tuna or salmon

Is a black cat a carnivore?

A black cat could be a carnivore if you feed it meat products such as cow, or chicken.

How do you feed a fish to the cat in Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?

You fish by that dock by the cat and catch two fish the second one he the cat will grab and run back to its home

Can you feed your fish catfood?

No, that is a very bad idea. Cat food is for cats not fish.

Is it safe to feed your cat real chicken not cat food?

Cats are carnivores, so it is completely safe to feed your cat plain, unseasoned chicken on occasion. However, cooked chicken has very little nutrients compared to raw chicken or any other raw meat, so unless you are willing to feed your cat a raw diet (which is completely safe, but requires a lot of research to get right), replacing cat food with cooked chicken is NOT a good idea or safe. Your cat will become malnourished if fed on a diet of cooked food. Even feeding raw chicken and nothing else does not provide a cat with all the nutrients it needs.

Can you feed your fish cat food?

no because your fish could die from the high nutrition that your cat needs so i would have to say no

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