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Can you feel in your body that you are pregnant like by instinct?


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2015-07-15 21:49:02
2015-07-15 21:49:02

I have taken a test it came up neg. but i feel in my heart that im pregnant im on my period now but i still have all the sypmtoms and top of all this i stop eating chocolate because it makes me nausa. i dont know what to do

I am 8 weeks pregnant right now, and didn't even take a test until 6 weeks, because I already knew at 3 weeks. Everyone told me I was crazy. I never even took a homt test. Just went to my doctor, told him I was sure I was pregnant, he did a blood test and I was. A mothers instinct is more powerful then ANY scientific test. However this is also my fifth pregnancy. good luck!

That's funny! I am possibley pregnant with my 4th and I received 3 negative tests and yet my heart and instinct and body tell me I am. I have an appt but not until May 1st and I refuse to take another home test when I just have a feeling I am. We'll see what God has in store or in the oven! God bless you.


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Yes it's normal to feel that during pregnancy because your body is adjusting to the "change".

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You cannot feel your uterus from the inside, pregnant or not.

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Its an instinct dogs have feelings you may not know but they feel what we do like when we know that instinct to defend ourselves they have it too their kind of like humans Mans best friend.

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to know if a hamster is pregnant feel her stomach and see if you feel a circle kind of and if like you could feel it pumping that means shes pregnant

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