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By the time you'd "feel" anything there you would be VERY pregnant. Take a test.

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2008-04-25 22:41:25
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Q: Can you feel your tummy for any sign of pregnancy?
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Can you have signs in the second week of pregnancy?

i am pretty sure that you can have sign during any duration of pregnancy!

Cat is dragging her tummy across the floor?

A cat dragging her tummy across the floor can be a sign of any problem she is feeling related to her stomach or it may also be possible that she is pregnant.

You have never been one to get a feeling of heartburn you feel it in the back of your throat into the upper part of your chest could this be a sign of pregnancy?

It could be a sign of pregnancy. No one is immune from heartburn. It can happen at any time. If it persists for more than a week after taking antacids, then you should talk to your doctor about possible acid reflux. If you feel that it accompanies other symptoms and just "feel" pregnant, then you should take a pregnancy test or schedule a visit with a health care provider.

Today you took a pregnancy test it was negative im on day 37 of your cycle im usually 29 day cycle what do you do next can this be an ectopic pregnancy?

If it was an ectopic pregnancy, you would still show positive on a pregnancy test. Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms? I would not consider pregnancy unless you feel you may be pregnant from some other sign.

Is yellow mucus a sign of pregnancy?

It may be, but if it is unpleasant in any way it may be a sign of infection, see a doctor.

Can you feel any symptoms while your girlfriend pregnancy?

sympathy pains

Is wearing a tummy girdle during early pregnancy okay?

Most doctors don't recommend it. Wearing a girdle in the first 12 weeks won't do any harm to the growing baby, but it allows your tummy muscles to become lax, by not supporting them in on your own. Later in pregnancy occasionally a woman will need a pregnancy girdle, if her muscles can't support her growing abdomen.

Are rashes a sign of pregnancy?

No a rash isn't a sign of pregnancy. If you're on any medication this may be the cause for your rash or a chance of soap, cosmetics or washing products can also bring on a rash. A rash isn't a sign of pregnancy. A sign shows you are pregnant. You may be pregnant and have rashes but they are not a sign. If you suddenly get itching later in pregnancy it may be a symptom of a serious problem, see your doctor.

Is sore nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Depends on whether or not your taking any kind of medication. But could be, just get a pregnancy test.

Can a water infection be a sign of pregnancy?

A urinary tract infection (also called a "water infection") can happen at any time, sometimes happens in early pregnancy but is not a sign of pregnancy. It might be a symptom of pregnancy but it might also be a symptom of a disease. Source:

Can not going to the bathroom mean your pregnant?

No getting constipated has no sign of pregnancy in any way.

Can I feel baby's heartbeat at 8 weeks?

You can never feel the baby's heartbeat during any time in the pregnancy. If you feel one it is your own.

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