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Q: Can you file a claim in a bankruptcy for repossession fees?
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Can you get your car back after a repossession if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy?

In GA Can you get your car back after a repossession if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy

Can you file for bankruptcy with a repo on your credit?

The fact that you have a repossession on your credit report is not a determining factor of whether your can file for bankruptcy. Generally in bankruptcy you can remove the debts from the repossession of your vehicle.

Which is better to file bankruptcy or voluntary repossession?

file bankruptcy that bay you wont loose your stuff

What is the basic fee that an attorney charges to file a bankrupty claim?

The basic fee for filing a bankruptcy claim is $300. Attorney fees can vary based on demographics and the type of bankruptcy being filed.

Can you file bankruptcy for lawyer fees?

You cannot file a bankruptcy directed at one single debt.

If you file bankruptcy do you have to pay the balance after a repossession?

It depends of which B/K you file and whether you complete it.

Can you do chapter 7 after repo?

There is nothing about a repossession which prevents eligibility to file for bankruptcy.

Can you file bankruptcy after a home is foreclosed to avoid additional fees?


What happens if my car is repossessed and then I file bankruptcy?

Any leftover debt from that car repossession can be put in your bankruptcy if you owed $12k and the bank sold it for $6k..then you can file bankruptcy on the remaining $6k.

If you file for bankruptcy world it take care of my cort fees?

Generally there is only the fee to file.

If you file bankruptcy can you add in the fees you owe to check in to cash places?

Yes you can.

If you are not listed as creditor on chapter 11 bankruptcy?

File a proof of claim

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