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The Better Business Bureau takes complaints against all businesses, not just businesses that are members.

Yes, this is true. However, with the new ratings system companies who pay to be with the BBB get better ratings. If you want to file a complaint against the BBB itself you cannot do so. The BBB originally started to advise clients indirectly of course, to shop or not shop certain businesses.
Now the BBB asks for money and rakes in quite a bit from its "accredited business's"
I would take a second look at how the operate and if this new buy in for ratings is beneficial to consumers or not.
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Q: Can you file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau even though the company your filing against is not a member with the Bureau?
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How do you file a complaint against a former employer in NJ?

The Better Business Bureau i think

Where can I file a complaint against Cosmetic Dentistry Sacramento, located in Detroit, MI?

I would start with the Better Business Bureau since they are the ones that will help you get an result with the company.

How can you report your GMC Dealer to the Better Business Bureau?

To file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about any company, simply go to their website, click the "for consumers" link, and the click to "file a complaint." Fill out the form, and they will investigate.

How do you file a complaint against a web merchant?

With the website that hosts them. and the Better Business Bureau of the area in which they are located.

How do you report a credit card company that issues unrequested cards?

You can report a credit card company to the attorney general of your state. Your state may also have a complaint line against businesses. You can also report them to the Better Business Bureau.

How do you reply to a complaint from a customer that has registered it with the better business bureau?

when a business replies to your letter or complaint

How do I file a complaint against a Kansas City Missouri based company?

It depends on what type of company it is. For nearly every business, you can complain to the Better Business Bureau. If the company uses licensed employees (such as nurses, doctors, plumbers, contractors), you can report the person to the appropriate licensing body in that State. And, you may have the ability to report to the Attorney General's office in the State where the business operates.

How do you file a complaint to Guthy Renker?

You should direct your complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

With which agency do I register a complaint against plumbing companies in the greater Los Angeles area?

I would contact the customer service department and then contact the better business bureau to file a complaint.

How does the better business bureau handle a complaint?


Why do you get better service after someone else complains?

You usually get better service after filing a complaint because it is in a company's best interest to ensure that its customers are satisfied. It keeps the company's name reputable so that it does not lose business.

What can you do to file a complain against a bridal store?

Depending on the type of complaint or amount of complaint, you can file in small claims court. Otherwise, you can contact your local better business bureau and/or the chamber of commerce in your city.

How do you file a consumer complaint?

The Better Business Bureau has a website you can use. They will open an investigation with the company and help you get results as well as post the results.

Where can one lodge a complaint about O2 cell service?

If a complaint is necessary for an O2 service, try speaking directly to the company in question. If the company in question will not resolve your issue within a reasonable time frame, and adequately; speak to the better business bureau.

Where can you send a complaint letter to if a company manufactured a defective product?

You can contact the Better Business Bureau, your local Chamber of Commerce, or can even try writing the offending company itself.

How do you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

go online to fill out all the information about your complaint and they will let you know what will happen with your complaint.

Where can I find a good tax attorney?

There are many companies online that will provide tax attorneys. is a national company that helps people with tax issues. You can also go to the Better Business Bureau to make sure that no complaint has been filed against the company you are thinking of using.

Is there an Internet ombudsman I wish to make an official complaint and forewarn others of poor and incompetent service on - line?

There is no general internet ombudsman. However, the Better Business Bureau is a good place to lodge a complain against a company with poor service.

How do you complain about car deeler?

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Where can you check you the complaint history for a travel agency?

better business bureau

Where can you check out the complaint history for a travel agency?

better business bureau

How do you file a complaint on a car rental co located in another state?

I would find out who the parent company is and what you need to do to file a complaint. You maybe able to file with your state consumer protection agency. The better business Bureau where the business is located can also be contacted. They have an online form.

How do you lodge a consumer complaint against Mitsubishi Digital Electronics when you live outside the state that are headquartered?

You need to file a complaint with the Federal Trades Commission, The Attorney General and I would also file a compliant with the Better Business B.

Where can you check the reputation of a company?

The BBB, or Better Business Bureau, will tell you whether they have any complaints against them.

Complaint Letter to a BBB or Attorney General?

Get StartedIt is best to try to resolve consumer complaint issues with the company who sold you the service or product before writing the Attorney General's office or Better Business Bureau (BBB). The Complaint Letter to a Company in this program can help you write a letter to the company. If, after contacting the company and allowing them sufficient time to respond, you do not receive a satisfactory response, then you may want to write to the Attorney General's office or Better Business Bureau.Click here to find addresses for Better Business Bureau offices.