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Can you file a grievance against a teacher and a principal?

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Contact the school district's administration office for assistance.

We have contacted the superintendant and almost 4 weeks after i left statement we get a call only to be informed that they will be on the campus and will discuss issues with teacher

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How do you file a grievance against a former employer in NY?

Not enough information to answer. What kind of 'grievance?' For WHAT? What is it you are seeking?

Can your employer file a grievance against the union?

Only if the are named as a filing partyin the grievance process. Generally contract language only states that the union or a bargaining unit member may file a grievance.

Can an employee file a grievance after declining union representation?

An employee can always file a grievance after declining union representation.An employee can file a grievance after declining union representation.

Can you file a lawsuit against a Vice Principal for improper interrogation?

You can file a lawsuit.

How do you I file a grievance against a social services worker?

Write a letter to, or directly contact , their immediate supervisor at the agency they work for.

How do you use the word 'grievance' in a sentence?

A "grievance" is a formal equivalent of a "complaint". "If you feel you are having problems in the workplace, you're more than permitted to file a grievance."

How do you use grievance in a sentence?

Take your grievance With you. We do not need it.

Can you file a civil suit against the teacher?

You can file a law suit against just about anyone. Winning it is an entirely different matter.

Can a teacher file a defamation suit against a parent for wrongful allegations?

Yes, a teacher may file a defamation suit against a parent for wrongful allegations. The teacher will need proof showing what the parent did and proof showing she was not reprimanded for it.

Sentence for grievance?

Mistreated at work and then summarily fired for complaining about it, she certainly has every right to file a grievance.

STATE of Alabama Can a parent file a grievance against a teacher?

Your first step is a conference with the teacher. If that does not work then include the counselor and principal. Be sure you are addressing something that is against a law, a school board policy, or a local school procedure. There is a lot of creative license with teaching and not every teacher has the same approach. If a teacher breaks a law you should go directly to the authorities (city police, sheriff, etc). If they break a board policy then their principal should be informed immediately. If serious enough you might want to contact your local school board member. If you do not gain satisfaction with the principal then go to his or her supervisor. Usually that is a Director of Education, a Deputy Superintendent, and sometimes the Superintendent. Also, it is important to have realistic expectations. Schools are overburdened and school officials are overworked and underpaid. Don't expect the teacher to be fired on the spot. Expect your concerns to be heard and for legitimate concerns to be addressed quickly.

Can you file a lawsuit against a teacher for talking about you as a parent in your child's school in the teacher's lounge and the hallway?

You may be able to file a slander lawsuit against a teacher if she was talking about you in public. You would need to contact an attorney in your area.

If an employee worked 30 days without a day off and worked more that 100 hours in one week is this grounds to file a grievance against the company?

It depends upon your employment agreement (or labor contract) with the employer as to whether you can file a 'grievance' or not, but it sure sounds like a violation of the state and federal labor laws.

How do you sue your teacher for physicly hurting you?

File a complaint against him and law will take its own course.

How can you file a property tax grievance in New York?

Link in the related links section.

Can you file a lawsuit against a school if teachers serve alcohol to students?

Yes. It should go without saying that you can file a lawsuit against anyone for virtually anything. Whether you win or not is a different story. But, a school [teacher] serving alcohol to a student is unconscionable. The teacher is an agent of the school..the school is responsible for their teacher's actions. Yes.

What is American Airlines Human Resources email address?

Is there a templet to file a non union non manage grievance

How can you file a compliant against your lawyer?

I would suggest filing a Grievance with the WSBA, but unfortunately, all the lawyer has to do is claim it is over a 'fee dispute' or something like that, and they basically won't even read your entire complaint...just dismiss it.

Where can you find an estimate of property tax in your area?

If you're in the Long Island area, you can file for a property tax grievance with the Heller & Clausen Grievance Group at It only takes a few minutes and you can apply directly online.

Can you file a lawsuit against the school if a teacher has put your self esteem down?

No, this would be a waste of your money as you would need to pay lawyers to file such a case. Also you would need to provide conclusive evidence proving the teacher was responsible. Try filing a complaint before taking legal action. Complaints are free to file!

What case can a school file against a teacher who had a relationship with a student?

For most plausible teacher/student age differentials, this is most likely a criminal matter and the school would neither need nor have any interest in filing a case against the teacher; the criminal justice system will do that for them. The one exception would be for college students, where such a relationship probably isn't actually illegal (but may be an ethics violation). Again, it's not likely they'd "file a case" against the teacher, they'd just fire him or her.

How do you register for Accelerated Reader?

Your teacher has to register you into the program. He will assign a name file and password. At the end of the year, your file is registered with your next teacher.

Can you file a civilsuit against a deadperson?

No, but you can file one against the deceased person's estate.

How do you file a judgment against a company?

You don't file a judgment you file a lawsuit against a company. A judgment is what you get if you win the legal battle.

Can you file a lawsuit against a teacher for not putting a student on a team because he didn't like them?

No. Unless it is in the US public school and the "team" is usually open to every student, then you would have to prove that it was a discrimination again race, religion, or gender, then you may have a lawsuit against the school systeml (not the specific teacher)

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