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You can file a lawsuit.

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Q: Can you file a lawsuit against a Vice Principal for improper interrogation?
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Can a lawsuit be filed against the veterans administration hospital if disabled from surgery and improper care?


What is it improper for a party to a lawsuit to serve the summons and complaint on the defendant?

conflict of interest

How do you file a lawsuit against a county?

get an attorney! and you have to have a good reson to file a lawsuit and have a good lawyer

Is it possible to file a personal lawsuit against a realtor?

Yes. It is possible to file a personal lawsuit against a realtor.

The person who initiates a lawsuit is called a an?

A plaintiff initiates a lawsuit against a defendant.

Could somebody file a lawsuit against the IRS?

Yes, it is legally possible to file a lawsuit against any federal agency.

Can you file a lawsuit against someone for stiffing out on you for a bill even if they don't have no job?

you can file a lawsuit against someone for practically anything.

Is there a classaction lawsuit in California against select portfolio servicing inc that you can join?

California classaction lawsuit

Can you file a lawsuit against the school if the principal drug your child down the hall by her ankles?

Yes! And please do, that is physical abuse. You may additionally want to consider calling the police and placing charges for assault and battery.

Can a lawsuit against a defendant be filed in a different county?

The court where the lawsuit is filed must have jurisdiction. One of the persons in the lawsuit must either reside there, or the cause of the lawsuit had to occur there.

George harrison wrote a song about that lawsuit?

George wrote "Sue Me, Sue You" about the Beatles lawsuit. He wrote "This Song" for the lawsuit against him for plagiarism.

What is considered improper service of a landlord's unlawful detainer lawsuit papers in California?

Perhaps the question would be improved and easier to answer if the person asking told us what they think is IMPROPER about the service they are speaking of?

When HOA looses lawsuit against a homeowner can a relief be awarded?

The answer you want is in the lawsuit documents. Your attorney can answer your question.

Can a member of a deceased be held liable for a pending lawsuit against the deceased?

It depends on what the lawsuit is about but most likely no.

What are the results of the civil lawsuit against Linda Cavanaugh?

what was the out come

Can a child file a lawsuit against his or her mother for neglection?

In the US, a minor cannot file a lawsuit against anyone at all. BUT! if the child is awarded emancipation then they may sue for cause.

Does the Homestead Declaration in the State of Texas protect you from losing your home in a lawsuit?

The answer depends on the subject matter of the lawsuit. It protects you against creditors but not against lawsuits that challenge the title to the property.

Can you file a lawsuit against a college if the professors are not accredited for the courses they teach?

Can you file a lawsuit against a university that initially accepted you into a program and the day before the semester started they dropp you after you have paid?

What is the number one factor that a patient files a lawsuit against a health care provider or practice?

a lawsuit

Can a counselor-teacher bring a lawsuit against a student and other counselor who conspired to have the student file a libelous complaint of discrimination?

ANYONE can bring a lawsuit against ANYONE ELSE. You probably should contact an attorney for advice to determine if you have grounds for filing a lawsuit in your state.

What does it mean to have a lawsuit cash advance?

If you are the winner of a lawsuit,but have to wait for payment,there are services that will issue you an advance against the amount you have won.

Did rihanna file a lawsuit against Chris Brown?

No she did not.

How do you use the word lawsuit in a sentence?

The word lawsuit is a noun. Example, Mary Jefferson filed a lawsuit against Medical Center East in the Circuit Court of Legal County, Alabama.

Is American choppers fake?

Fake or not, If you google the Supreme Court in Goshen NY, you can look up the lawsuit filing Sr. has against Jr.. Would seem to me it would be against the law to file a real lawsuit for the sake of a show. The lawsuit is very real and with that you would have to assume the feud is real.

What is The 1st pleading filed in a civil lawsuit by a plaintiff called?

If you are filing the civil lawsuit against another party, you are filing a complaint.