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you can file a lawsuit against someone for practically anything.

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Q: Can you file a lawsuit against someone for stiffing out on you for a bill even if they don't have no job?
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What is statute of limitations laws of private hospital St Francis in Poughkeepsie NY?

For what? Bringing a lawsuit against them? Paying a bill? Receiving a bill?

IF the queen passes any inconsistent bill the opposition will bring a lawsuit against it in the high court discuss it?

The Queen (of Great Britain) does not pass any bills, these bills are drawn up by the legislature (the government of the day) and passed by a vote in parliament. After the second reading of the bill it then goes to the Queen to sign (the royal ascent). The Queen MUST sign these bills into law.Being duly enacted by parliament and signed by the Queen, there is by definition no way a lawsuit can be brought against it in a UK court as the bill is the law. However if the bill infringes any treaties that the UK has signed up to (including European Union legislation) then a UK CITIZEN can challenge the legality of the bill in the courts.

What do i do as a small business owner when someone doesnt pay their bill?

They techincally have debt to you so you need to treat it as such. But if it seems like theft, then the law needs to get involved. I would get a lawyer and a lawsuit either way.

Is it legal to try someone twice for the same crime?

No. That's called "double jeopardy" and is protected against by the bill of rights.

Another term for lawsuit is?

writ, action, assupsit, bill, cause, suit, replevin, proceeding, presentment, litigation, indictment, cause, arraignment, bill, claim

What happens to you if your medical bill is less than 1000 dollars and you don't pay it?

It will likely be sent to a collection agency who will continue attempts to recover the debt. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be made, the account may be referred to an attorney who can file a lawsuit against the debtor to recover the amount owed, any applicable fees and legal expenses. The recovery of legal costs in a lawsuit is pursuant to state laws.

If you skip the court date for the creditors lawsuit what happens?

They win, you lose. They can now garnish your wages for the bill you owe them.

Was the Bursum Bill for or against Native American rights?

The bursum bill was against Native American Rights.

Another person taken back a power chair that you bought from someone who died?

Not - if you have a bill of sale and the chair in your possession and/or witnesses to the purchase. The relative concerned about recovery of the chair will have to spend big bucks for a lawyer and lawsuit to recovey the chair. It won't be worth it for you to answer the suit.

Is a civil lawsuit settlement taxable?

Civil lawsuit settlments are not usually taxed in the main areas-medical bill compensation, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. But additional funds such as punitive court fines or interest on the compensation may be taxed. The law article below explains lawsuit taxation in greater detail.

Did Bill O'Reilly run for office against Barney Frank?

Bill O'Reilly did not run for office against Barney Frank.

What is it call when the president decides against a bill?

A veto is when the president decides against a bill brought befrore him.

Why did asquith drop the conciliation bill in 1911?

He was against the bill

Do you have to pay a toliet bill?

If you purchased a toilet on credit, and then receive a bill for payment, yes, you must pay it. If you do not, it can be sent to collections, which will harm your credit rating and can lead to a civil lawsuit.

The sponsor of a bill is someone?

The sponsor of a bill is a person that either introduces the bill to congress or shows their support of the bill they are introducing. for someone else. In most cases a bill will not become a law unless there is a sponsor for it.

Did George Bush run against Bill Clinton?

Yes, George H. W. Bush ran against Bill Clinton in 1992 as an incumbent president, losing to Bill Clinton.

How to challenge a old tax bill?

You can challenge an old tax bill by appealing against it.

Who did Bill Clinton run against the 2nd time?

During his second presidential campaign, Bill Clinton ran against Bob Dole.

If someone is having a medical emergency and an ambulance is called against the victim's wishes. Who would be responsible for the ambulance charges?

The bill for all expenses goes to the person who is admitted to the hospital.

What is your stand about reproductive health bill?

My stand about the reproductive health bill is AGAINST or I am anti-RH Bill as it is.

What was the bill that authorized the use of federal troops against a state?

the force bill

Who is against NAFTA?

bill clinton

Which president did Bill Clinton run against?

Bill Clinton ran against the incumbent George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992, defeating him to become president.

What is Colorado State Representative Mark Waller's position on the pending bill that would legalize same-sex civil unions in Colorado?

Representative Waller voted against the bill in 2011 and has said he will vote against it in 2012.

What is it called when a committee decides against a bill?

They "table" the bill. That's the same as killing it.