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No. She has the legal right to sue for support if it has been proven he is the father of the child. The court can also order the male in question to take a paternity test if it is warranted.

2006-08-02 19:01:49
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Q: Can you file a lawsuit against your husband's lover if she is suing him for child support for a child born from the affair?
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Can you file a lawsuit against someone who had an affair?

Nope ... best you can do is file for divorce.

How do you get the password to your husbands emails on apple to read about his affair?

You can't. It is against the law to obtain another person's password.

Can you ignore your husbands affair?

no. no affairs should be ignored. if he is having an affair with another women then that is unsuitable and should be resolved

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Your husbands left and wants a divorce after he has an affair. You are pregnant. Are there any laws in Mississippi to help you?

Yes. You need to contact an attorney immediately. Your husband needs to support you while you are pregnant and will have to pay child support for the child until at least age eighteen.

How often does a wife think about her husbands affair and what reminds her of it?

My father had an affair, and my mother found out, and no matter what an argument was about, my mother threw the affair in his face, every time, for the next 50 years. So the answer is ALWAYS and ANYTHING.

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Can you sue the woman your husband had an affair with in the state of Louisiana?

No. Alienation of Affection as legal grounds for a lawsuit was abolished in Louisiana in 1927.

Why do some wives wants to know all the details of their husbands affair?

Husbands should not be having affairs, it's all in the wedding vows. So of course a wife will wanna know if her husband is cheating

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What happened in the Iran-Contra Affair?

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Does a person lose the right to spousal support if they had an affair?

Maybe, if the affair involves cohabitation or some other form of significant financial support. Spousal support is typically limited to the time required for the ex-spouse to become self-supporting.

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You already know two wrongs don't make a right so the best thing to do is let your husband know about his affair and that his friend told you and is now interested in you. Be careful of gossip! Communication is the best skill anyone can have so sit down and calmly discuss this with your husband. It is also up to you to make it plain to your husband's so-called friend that you are not interested in him and stay clear of him. This is no friend of your husbands because he is hoping to have an affair with you behind your husband's back.

Who can you sue for an affair?

You cannot sue your spouse for an affair, but depending on where you live, you can sue the other party. The states of Hawaii, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Illinois have legislation which allows for this type of lawsuit.

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The Citizen Genet affair primarily involved Edmond-Charles Genet, a French ambassador to the United States of America throughout the French Revolution. He began visiting America in 1793 in order to promote American support for French wars against Britain and Spain.

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