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Yes, there does not need to be serious damage to a vehicle for a passenger to sustain an injury such as a whiplash.

You can file a law suit for anything, someones cat looked at you funny, so sue them. A frivolous claim shouldn't pass summary judgement, the motion from the other side where the judge can determine if the claim has any merit. The burden is on the plaintiff to have a claim with enough merit- In this case what are the nature of the injuries. Will a doctor vouch that they are consistent with a rear-end collision. Was there an accident report connecting the alleged rear-ender to the victims car- if not, were there witnesses or admission by the driver. Most P.I. (Personal Injury) lawyers will review your case for free and determine two things- Does it have merit. Can they make money off it.

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Q: Can you file a lawsuit for a rear end collision when the vehicle is not damaged but the passengers are injured?
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Who initiates the lawsuit?

The plaintiff, who is the injured party.

Can you file a lawsuit if a student assaults another student?

Can the student that was attacked file a lawsuit? Yes, they certainly can. Can anyone else file a lawsuit? Only if they were injured or can show damages.

What type of lawsuit can be filed when a person is accidentally injured of killed?

negligence suit

What type of lawsuit can be filed when a person is accidentally injured or killed?

this would be negligence suit.

Lawsuit Demand letter?

A lawsuit demand letter is generally a letter from the injured person's lawyer to the defendant or the defendant's lawyer stating the amount of money the plaintiff is suing for.

What powers do the courts have when personal or private property is damaged or destroyed?

In the event that there is personal or private property which has been damaged or destroyed, the courts can help. The person with the damaged property can file a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the damage. If the court finds in favor of the person who has filed the lawsuit, it will enter a judgment against the person who damaged the property, which will make them legally responsible for paying for the damage.

Under which kind of legal proceeding may injured person seek monetary damages?

A civil lawsuit for damages.

What can you do if you were injured by a policeman?

File a complaint, or a lawsuit against the department in question and/or the officer that you say caused the alleged injury.

Who does the third party pay the owner or the driver of the car?

Assuming that you are referring to a collision involving a negligent party (the "third party") and a non-negligent party, it depends upon the type of harm caused. 1. If property damage results from the collision, the at-fault party is responsible to the owner of the car that he/she damaged. Damages are measured by the reasonably cost of repair. The innocent party may also generally recover other out of pocket expenses that are directly related to the collision These may include, for example, the cost of a rental car while the damaged car is undergoing repair. 2. If the innocent party or an occupant of the car is injured, he or she may recover damages for the bodily injuries. However, most states impose thresholds of severity of the injuries that must be met before a lawsuit can be brought for injuries against the at fault party. The threshold is sometimes stated in terms of whether there has been a "permanent injury" (as determined by a medical professional), or by a stated amount of medical expenses. What the threshold is is a matter of state law.

Can a civil lawsuit derive from a family lawsuit case?

A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.

What does the finance company do when a car is totaled and there is no collision insurance?

If the driver was uninsured or only had liability insurance, they would be liable to still pay the finance company back or face a lawsuit.

Is the requirement that an individual must have a sufficient stake in a controversy before he or she can bring a lawsuit The plaintiff must demonstrate that he or she either has been injured or threa?

standing to sue

What was the settlement for the lawsuit Bayaa v United airlines?

Assem Bayaa is an American of Middle Eastern descent. He filed a lawsuit of racial discrimination against United Airlines after he was told to get off a flight in December, 2000 because other passengers felt uncomfortable seeing him on board. The lawsuit ended with an out of court settlement between two parties which was announced in June, 2005.

What is best individual or class action lawsuit?

It depends on the nature of the lawsuit. If you were very seriously injured you may make more money off of an individual lawsuit, however, the big benefits of a class action lawsuit are dramatically reduced legal costs and great efficiency. The law article below discusses more of the benefits of a class action suit. But it really does depend on your personal situation-the type of injury, how much you can spend on a lawyer, etc.

What happens if you are uninsured and rear-end an insured car but there is no car damage but a passenger gets whiplash?

You are in huge trouble, the injured party can file a civil lawsuit against you.

Can you file a lawsuit against a person for simple assault?

Depends on a few things. How badly were you injured, were there credible witnesses that can testify in your favor, etc. But you can sue someone for assault yes.

How do you get lawsuit funding?

Depending on the circumstances of your lawsuit and the type of lawsuit, there are various options that you may qualify for. Most litigation funding companies offer non-recourse lawsuit loans for a pending or settled lawsuit. A non-recourse lawsuit advance is a loan that only needs to be repaid if you win or settle your lawsuit otherwise nothing is owed to the funding company. To qualify for lawsuit loans no credit or employment is required, so long as you have a lawsuit. Obtaining a lawsuit loan for your lawsuit is as simple as picking up the phone and applying.

What happens if there is collision with a severe injury or death?

Depending on who was at fault, and the types of insurance involved, a lawsuit could be filed. The claim could be against another driver, insurance company or even the car manufacturer.

How can you find out if an insurance company for a trucking company carries uninsured motorist insurance for its drivers if that company does not want you to know?

If you really need to know your lawyer should be able to get that info for his lawsuit. A lawsuit is really the only time you would need to know this because: The trucking company carries Workmans Comp-insurance on drivers by law or you would be covered for injury under another policy if you were in a collision with another vehicle. The un-insured motorist coverage is to cover all aspects of a collision caused by another person.

Does the filing of an answer begin a civil lawsuit?

The filing of the Complaint begins the lawsuit. Filing an Answer makes it a contested lawsuit.

Can you file a lawsuit if you get a rock in your food?

The general answer is yes, you can sue or file a lawsuit against any person for any reason. You will only win the lawsuit (generally speaking) if the jury believes you were injured in some way. And it depends on what type of suit you file. I would assume you would want a small claims suit since it is inexpensive to file and you wouldn't use a lawyer. Agreed with the above. Anyone can file a lawsuit. In a small claims court the general rule is that you are made whole. You can't come out ahead. SO if you suffered a loss because of the rock, you can sue for your loss. If you broke a tooth or were somehow injured, you can claim your loss (including lost wages pain and suffering if you can prove it, etc). You can't claim emotional distress or anything like that and if your only loss is that you were unable to eat your meal, you will get the cost of your meal back in a small claims suit. If you requested a jury trial you will only anger the judge, unless you were injured because of this.

Was Zac Efron in a car crash?

i don't think he did because if he did it would be all over the news! Someone filed a small-claims lawsuit against Efron, claiming he was responsible for a rear-end collision back in 2006 or 2007. There doesn't seem to be much information available, but a Google search will uncover the flury of brief news items about this lawsuit.

Can a lawsuit against a defendant be filed in a different county?

The court where the lawsuit is filed must have jurisdiction. One of the persons in the lawsuit must either reside there, or the cause of the lawsuit had to occur there.

What is the purpose of a civil lawsuit and criminal lawsuit?

To settle a dispute

How to cancel a filed lawsuit?

Can I cancel a car accident lawsuit