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Can you file a lawsuit if you get a hair in your fries at McDonald's?


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July 15, 2015 9:49PM

If it would be likely the hair was accidentally included in your order of fries, then it is not likely you may prove malicious intent to harm you. And I must agree that it is the cost of frivilous litigation that pushes costs up for products we all enjoy when their makers are forced to defend themselves against what the court more and more frequently deems "frivolous lawsuits", on which most reasonable judges frown harshly at best and vehemently oppose at worst. My Mom and Dad always told me, "That's more protein for free!" If in fact you ingest an impurity that does not kill you, it typically makes you stronger by strengthening your auto-immune system. We are indeed a nation of opportunists.

Yes. You could sue for emotional distress! You will need to show a physical component, though, such as an ulcer.

Sorry to say, but I work at a McDonalds and I would find that pretty stupid for someone to want to sue over. Just call the main office and complain, the will fix the problem and you will probably be owed free food or a refund for something or what not.

You could get a life and stop tying up the courts and tax payers money at the same time raising the cost of products over stupid litigation.

You could sue, but for what purpose? How have you been injured? By the way, fast food companies have test labs that allow them to tell if someone planted the foreign object. Proceed at your own risk.

I have a better idea...just go to the counter and tell them you got a hair in your fries. They will replace them on the spot.

Hey, Retards..... the question wasnt

*is it morally wrong and potentially detrimental to food costs of mcdonalds if i sue them for a hair in my fry?*

it was

*Can you file a lawsuit if you get a hair in your fries at McDonalds?*

stop wasting peoples time with answers that are off topic and are matter of opinion.

The is Yes.

how did i come to this conclusion? (fact) mcdonalds was sued for someone being burned with coffee that was too hot. (fact) unclean hair can carry bacteria therefore potentially harmful.

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