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Don't you have insurance? Perhaps your homeowners policy will cover the damage to your fence. Another alternative would be to sue your neighbor in small claims court. If the amount of damage exceeds the small-claims limit, you may have to bump your case up to the next level of civil court. And are you sure the car wasn't insured? yes, better hurry.

2006-09-07 23:18:56
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Can you claim on your insurance if a neighbors tree damages your house?

Probably. Contact your insurance. They may file against your neighbor's insurance.

What if your Fence is destroyed by a neighbors tree?

From personal experience, you turn it into your home owner's insurance, pay your deductable, and have repairs made. Unless the tree was condemed or the city served him notice to have it removed, you have no recourse to pursue it against your neighbor.

If my neighbors house catches on fire and mine is damaged who is responsible for damages?

In all likliehood - your insurance company would pay to repair your dwelling and then they would take action (called "subrogation") against your neighbors insurance company to collect from their insuror.

What are the Ca Laws against Ugly truck sitting in neighbors driveway?

Against ugly truck simply sat in neighbors driveway - you must be kidding me...

If a branch from a neighbors tree damages my car who's insurance would cover it?

You need to make a claim against the neighbors homeowners insurance for damages. Since it sounds like it was an "act of god" they may not cover the damages. In that case you have two choices, you could use your comp insurance to cover damages, if you have comp coverages on your policy, or pay the damages out of your pocket and see if the neighbor is willing to help out with the charges.

How do you find your neighbors homeowners insurance for liability?

You will just have to ask them for the insurance information. there is no central registry or database for homes and the insurance companies that insure them. You should first determine if your neighbor even has Liability insurance. Not all homeowners purchase liability coverage with their insurance policy. A home insurance policy can be bought with or without liability coverage. If the homeowner has elected liability coverage, The homeowners insurance policy will provide the homeowner with legal defense for the cost of defending against a suit that is brought against them claiming liability on the part of the insured. If the Insured is found at fault or liable in court, then their insurance company will cover the cost of those liabilities up to the specified policy limits. Alternatively you can sue your neighbor. Then If your neighbor has Liability coverage on his home insurance policy, You will then meet your neighbors insurance company attorneys in court.

My car was stolen and destroyed how do I get damages paid by the thief?

You need to file a Civil claim against him for damages to your property. Consult a lawyer Your insurance company should be doing that for you.

If someone fell downstairs and was injured can they file a claim against their insurance?

Not against your own insurance.

Is there a law in Tennessee against noisy neighbors?

There's a law against that everywhere, disturbing the peace

How do you make an insurance claim when you are not insured?

Insurance is a contract in which you, the insured, pay a premium to the insurance company. In return, the insurance company agrees to pay you money-or to pay someone else money on your behalf (in the case of liability insurance) if a covered event occurs. Covered events are outlined in the policy and vary depending upon the kind of insurance involved. In answer to your question, you cannot make a "first-party" insurance claim if you have no insurance. A first-party claim is one against your own insurance company for property that you insured for your own protection. However, regardless of whether or not you had insurance, you may be able to make a "third-party" insurance claim against a party that damaged or destroyed your property, if that party had insurance. Even if they did not, you can make a claim against the party individually if you can prove fault. However, collecting damages from an uninsured third-party is often difficult.

How many insurance points do you get when you get a ticket for driving without car insurance?

If you don't have insurance how will it go against your insurance?

What is a sentence using the word plot?

Me and my friends plot against the neighbors.

Which is grammatically correct - why are you against of insurance sector or why are you against the insurance sector?

"Against of" is not a good combination, so your second version is better. However, I would suggest "Why are you opposed to the insurance sector?" as a clearer question.

Why should one take insurance?

One take insurance to be protected against.

What is covered by a trade credit insurance policy?

Trade Credit Insurance is a type of insurance which is offered to businesses. The insurance policy covers accounts receivable, guards against bankruptcy, and protects the business against credit risks.

Where can one purchase insurance against damage from fire and water?

There are a variety of insurance companies that sell home insurance that protects against damage from fire and water. The companies Liberty Mutual and Amica, for example, both offer this insurance.

Can you file a claim against a person with no insurance?

You can file a claim against your insurance company for an action caused by another person with no insurance if you are covered for such an occurance. An example would be if you had uninsured motorist coverage and were hit by someone without auto insurance. However if you want to file a 'claim' against the person directly who has no insurance there is no one to file the claim against. The only alternative here is to sue the person in court.

Types of losses the insurance protects against?

Depends on the type of insurance. Life insurance protects against death, Car insurance protects against several different losses to your auto, home, workers comp, commercial, the list goes on and on as to the type of insurance and then within the insurance policy the covered loss list is extensive. You would need to be more specific for more than a general answer.

How do you file a complaint against an insurance company in Illinois?

Contact your Illinois Department of Insurance

Is it against the law if my car insurance has my friend's name as the principal driver in my car insurance?


Is it against the law to trim a neighbors shrub that is hanging over the property line?

Not if its on your prop.

What is protection against material loss?


Does a no seatbelt ticket go against your insurance?


What are some key features of Nationwide home insurance?

Nationwide offers a variety of insurance policies including home insurance. The coverage depends on the policy. Some key features of Nationwide home insurance are protection against elements, such as floods or earthquakes, protection against theft, and protection against other forms of damage.

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It is not true the claim that pyramids are against Islam. I wonder of the question. It considers that pyramids are against Islam and just asking how. There is no single evidence from Quran or Sunnah (prophet Muhammad sayings and practices) that says pyramids are against Islam. If pyramids are against Islam, they would have been destroyed by the Muslims when they came to Egypt (on support of the Christians of Egypt against the Romans). However, Muslims neither destroyed them nor destroyed the ancient Egyptian temples.