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No you can not file bankruptcy on anything that is court ordered.


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Q: Can you file bankruptcy on restitution?
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Can you file bankruptcy on civil restitution?

In most cases, civil restitution is not relieved by bankruptcy. However, an objection must be filed with the bankruptcy court to recover the restitution.

Can you file bankruptcy on court restitution?

Generally not

If I owe criminal restitution fees--failure to pay on civic traffic charges which turned them into criminal charges--can a bankruptcy discharge those debts?

no, you are still liable for the charges, no matter if you file for bankruptcy.

You owe your sister money can you file bankruptcy on that loan?

If you file bankruptcy, you file bankruptcy on everything. You can not file bankruptcy on one loan.

Can you file bankruptcy on the state?

can you file bankruptcy utah unenploment

Did Deltona Corporation file bankruptcy?

No they never did file for bankruptcy

How many year after you file bankruptcy can you file bankruptcy aging?

If you are talking about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, It takes 7 to 9 years after you can file bankruptcy again.

Did ballenger construction harlingen Texas file for bankruptcy?

No, they did not file for bankruptcy.

Why did General Motors ford and Chrysler file for bankruptcy?

They did not file for bankruptcy.

Can you file Bankruptcy without a job?

Yes you can file for bankruptcy if you are unemployed.

Do you have to file bankruptcy after a foreclosure?

No, there's no law that states you have to file bankruptcy.

How long do you have to be unemployed before you can file bankruptcy?

You do not have to be unemployed to file bankruptcy.

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