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Can you file bankruptcy on the state?


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can you file bankruptcy Utah unenploment

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Anyone who is a resident of the state can file for bankruptcy in Wisconsin. There is no restriction on who can file, only for which chapter they can file in.

8 years between discharge of bankruptcy to re-file.

Bankruptcy is Federal jurisdiction, therefore, the state has nothing to do with it. Usually, when you file bankruptcy, you cannot file for another 7 years, Period. No matter which state you live in.

No. Federal taxes may not be discharged regardless of which state the bankruptcy is filed.

If you file bankruptcy, you file bankruptcy on everything. You can not file bankruptcy on one loan.

No you can not file bankruptcy on anything that is court ordered.CAN YOU FILE BANKRUPTCY ON RESTITUTION?

Under certain circumstances, a lawyer licensed in one state may be able to file in another state, usually following a local bankruptcy rule, paying a fee for such an appearance and maybe having a local bankruptcy lawyer with or recommending him.

No you cant file on anything owed to government.

Bankruptcy is a federal procedure (a few states may have state bankruptcy laws), so the law is the same in every state, except for local forms and procedures). You can still file a "Chapter 20" (7+13).

You can relocate to another state after you have filed bankruptcy and it has been discharged. You have to remain in the state to go to your 341 meeting and to meet with your attorney.

It doesn't matter if you are a US Citizen or not, to file bankruptcy. To be eligible you must either reside in a state, own a business in a state or own property in a state. If you don't have these three, you cannot file bankruptcy also. Also, you must have resided in a state for 180 days prior to filing bankruptcy. Otherwise, no court has jurisdiction over you. By permanently living overseas, you cannot file bankruptcy in the US until you return to the US and PLAN to stay there.

No they never did file for bankruptcy

If you are talking about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, It takes 7 to 9 years after you can file bankruptcy again.

You can only file bankruptcy without a spouse in cases where the debt is yours only. For example, if you have a credit card that is in your name only then you can file without your husband.

Bankrutpcy is filed in a FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY COURT, it covers all places the same.

Assuming it is federal bankruptcy, 8 years, the same in every state.

You do not have to be unemployed to file bankruptcy.

No, there's no law that states you have to file bankruptcy.

Yes you can file for bankruptcy if you are unemployed.

Bankruptcy is a Federal process and has no effect on child support. Bankruptcy does not dismiss child support debts.

Yes, but the amount depends on the exemptions that apply in your state.

No, both parties on a joint mortgage do not need to file bankruptcy. They can file a joint bankruptcy or a single bankruptcy.

The laws vary from state to state, but in general, yes, it's possible. You should speak to a bankruptcy lawyer in your location for more details.

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