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Can you file for tax return while unemployed?

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Yes you can. The tax return is for last year, if you have paid taxes last year then you can, i.e a job or self employment etc

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Can you file taxes if you're unemployed?

Yes you have to file your income tax return if you are unemployed but still earning income such as interest, dividends etc. but if you are earning no income or below the filing threshold ($6000 if you are in Australia) you do not need to file and have to write in to tell them you are not required to file.

how can I file an amendment to my 2010 tax return.?

how can I file an amendment to my 2010 tax return?

Do you have to file a tax return if you made 7000 dollars?

If you are being claimed as a dependent on your parents or anyone else's return then you will have to file a tax return. If not then no you don't have to file a return.

What is file an amended tax return?

If you have filed a tax return but you then realize that your return is inaccurate in some way and you wish to correct the inaccuracy, you can file a revised tax return which would be called an amended tax return.

What if I loose my connection while filing my tax return online?

Reconnect and file again. The return is not filed until you get a confirmation screen from your tax software.

How do you Paper File your PA State Tax Return?

There is a form that you are required to file when you paper file your PA state tax return.

What if your unemployed do you still have to pay an income tax?

Yes it is possible that you could be unemployed and still be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return and pay some income taxes. If you are receiving unemployment compensation and have any other sources of worldwide gross income that you would have to report on your correctly filed federal 1040 income tax return.

Is it must to notify marriage status while you file income tax return?


Who need to file a tax return?

eveyone who earns income above a certain level has to file a tax return

Does your US citizen needs to be paying taxes in order to file for spouse?

Yes they do, because the citizen will be required to show recent tax returns. If unemployed you would still need to at the very least file a tax return even if there is no income to report.

Do you have to file an income tax return if you are deceased?

The estate of the deceased has to file tax returns.

Should I file my income tax with a computer program or a firm?

You should file your income tax return with a computer program or online if you have a simple tax return. If you have a difficult and complex tax return, it is best to use a tax professional.

How do you you file a tax return for a person who works outside of the US?

The same way that you would file one while working in the US.

Do you always have to file a consolidated tax return if you file one this year?

If companies file a consolidated tax return do they become liable for each other's liabilities

i forgot about my tax return and havent file it can i still file?

You can still file your tax return, however, there may be some late fees for the late filing.

Who must file a tax return?

An income tax return must be filed by anyone eligible for a tax refund.

Should you file taxes if you were unemployed for most of the year?

If you received unemployment payments, withdrawals from IRA Accounts, or any other income you will need to file an income tax return. Did your spouse work during the year? You said you were unemployed most of the year. You will have a W-2 for the rest of the year so you will probably need to file anyway.

Do you have to file a state income tax if you only worked in that state for 2 months then moved to a state that has no state tax?

Yes you will have to file the return. Shat you do is file a Part-Year Resident return. You will list the dates you lived in the State on the tax return.

How to file e-file income tax?

E-file means to electronically file your income tax return. It is faster and more efficient than mailing your return to the IRS. You can use online services such as to e-file your income tax.

Do I Filling annual tax filling form?

If you worked then you need to file an income tax return. If you have a business then you will also need to file a tax return in order to remain compliant.

Do I have to to file income tax returns for state of Maine if i filed a federal tax return and and have 0 adjusted gross income?

If you are a residentof Maine who is required to file a federal income tax return, you must file a Maine income tax return. If you are not required to file a federal return, but do have income subject to Maine income tax resulting in a Maine income tax liability, a Maine return must be filed. You do not have to file a Maine income tax return if you meet all of the following requirements: 1) your Maine taxable income is $2,000 or less, 2) you claim yourself as an exemption on your return, AND 3) you are not subject to the Maine Minimum Tax. However, you must file a return to claim any refund due to you.

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