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NO PROBLEM. IF the lender will let you sign the loan papers, you ARE responsible till death do you part. DONT DO IT. GIVE them a cheap PAID FOR CAR and let them SAVE to buy their own. Good Luck

You may be able to keep your name off of the title, but the bank will probably insist that your friend also sign the note.

Actually, financing a car for another person is called a straw purchase, and most, if not all finance companies will not allow it if they know it's a straw. In a few states, straw purchases are actually illegal. Before anyone mentions this: Co-signing is not the same as a straw purchase.

2015-07-15 21:51:16
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Q: Can you finance a car in your name only for a friend but not have your name on the title?
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I need to remove my finance company's name from title. I want my CA paper title to read my name only and not company name?

You need to take the release form and the title to the DMV. They will issue you a new title without the finance company on it. They will NOT do this until / unless you have the signed title and a release from the finance company / legal owner. The process costs only a few dollars.

Can you finance a car and put your name as well as another on the title?

It depends on the particular finance company, and possibly state law. Some finance companies will only allow people that are on the finance contract to be put on the title, but some will allow other names on the title.

How can I get the Finance Company removed from my title to show only my name in order to sell it?

Contact the finance company and get a lien release from them. With that lien release you can have them removed from the title. You cannot get the lien release unless you have paid the loan off in full.

You bought a used car but you have a joint vehicle title in mine and my friend name can i get that person off that vehicle title title?

Names on title appear as either (and) (or) if the title is and then both signatures are required. if it is or then only one signature is required to modify ownership of title.

I bought a car in October and put the title under the name of a friend but we are no longer friends and I want the car back do i have any rights to get it back?

You signed away those "rights" when the title was assigned into the name of the former friend. The only way to revert things back on the title, is for the former friend to "sign off" as owner and for you to "sign on" as buyer - then take the ownership document to your local Motor Vehicle office and have the title legally changed to your name.

Can you personally finance a vehicle to a buyer and retain the title until receiving full payment of sale?

Yes you can. You can be listed as a lien holder on the title. But ... be certain that the buyer re-registers the car in his/her name ... otherwise you may be held liable, as the registered owner, for accidents and traffic violations. Make sure that the new title issued has the buyers name only, as the registered owner. My son did this with a car he sold to a friend - until the car is paid off in full, the lien stays on the title.

What if I have a car on my property and I have the title for it can I sell it?

Only if the title is in your name.

Where do you sign on a car title so your son can have it in his name only?

you have to go to the dmv and have the title transferred to his name.

Can co borrower gain possession of a vehicle from primary borrower?

Only if their name is on the title or by a court decree after suing the primary for not paying the loan.Only if their name is on the title or by a court decree after suing the primary for not paying the loan.Only if their name is on the title or by a court decree after suing the primary for not paying the loan.Only if their name is on the title or by a court decree after suing the primary for not paying the loan.

Can two people sign a title to a car and the title be in only one name?


What if you are a cosigner on the car but the title and registration is not in your name but you made payments What rights do you have to the car Can you have your name taken off?

You have very few rights. You agreed to pay for a car that is not yours. Your name can only come off the contract IF the finance company agrees, and they have no reason to agree.

Can i Buy a car with no papers?

You can get a bill of sale, which only entitles you to possess it. You can't get it registered without the title. If you're buying a vehicle with "no title" or "lost title", you may have a car with a large lien from a bank or finance company on it.

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How can I get my car back if the title is in your name but someone bought it?

If the title is in your name only, then the new buyer will not be able to put the title in his name. If it was repossessed, then the lienholder was able to sell it and the sale is valid.

My brother gave me a car But my dad is on the title Do both of them have to sign it?

No, only the person whose name is on the title have to sign it. So if your dads name is on the title he is the one who has to sign it.

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How do you get a title in the state of pa for a car you were given that has none?

That's loaded! The only way you can get the title in PA is to file for a lost title and then it will come back in persons that owned its name and need to be transferred from there. There is another way .... but very risky .... is that NJ has where you can get a title from there with tags with a bill of sale only (your friend make out a bill of sale) but if there a lean or was reported stolen then the po po's will come looking for you!

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How do you take name off a car title?

AnswerYou can either sell it or give it away. Secondly, if you are a co-owner of the car, just go down to the DMV and have them remove you as owner and let the other person carry the title in their name. Hope this helps.both of our names are on the car title i just only want my name on the car title i payed it off i want the title only in my name

A friend is paying cash for a car you thought you could put this on your card instead to get miles and take his cash Can my friend still have the car under his name?

It does not matter who pays for the vehicle, or how. Really it boils down to who pays the tax's on the vehicle. If this is being purchased at a dealer just tell them your friend is going to be the ONLY title holder. (Be sure your friend is filling out any and all the paper work. Your name should not be on anything but the credit card receipt) If this is from an individual, again just be sure he assigns the title to your friend. He will then have to bring that paper work to the Tax assessor and register the vehicle IN HIS NAME. Goodluck.

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