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This is illegal unless it is to do with creditors, etc.! * No. Social Security numbers/records, are protected by US federal law. Creditors and other persons have access to SS numbers because the individual supplies them at the time of application. The creditor does not have access to the individuals employment history through the SSA nor do private individuals. Certain exceptions are made for governmental agencies (IRS, USCIS, etc.) and for standing orders of child support being enforced by a state or federal agency.

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Q: Can you find a person's place of current employment with a social security number?
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Can you find a persons place of employment by social security number?

I belive so but it is illegal.

If you have a persons Social security number and drivers license number can you find his place of employment with this information.?

Sometimes. Depends on what company they work for.

What is the example of employment certificate?

social security number social security number

Can you find out your employment history through your social security number?

I would like to know if by using your social security number can you find your employment history?

What personal information do you need to open up a credit card?

Full name, current address, current phone number, Social Security number, employment status/info, marital status, income verification, and so forth.

Is a persons social security number and their taxpayer identification number the same thing?


What is the phone number for ADT Security employment verification?

(800) 367-2884

Who do you contact if a person is using a dead persons social security number?

the police

What could someone do with another persons social security number?

Open a credit account, steal their identity, keep your social security number as safe as you can.

Could you inform me about social security death benefits?

When an individual dies, social security should be notified as soon as possible and the funeral director will report the persons death and they will require that persons social security number.

Can an individual taxpayer identification number be used in place of a Social Security number for employment?

One and the same thing

What is an excuse for writing down someones social security number?

If you want to see if they are a fraudulent person. Some people use another persons ss# to get employment, some people abuse a ss# and steal someone's credit.

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