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What part of speech is annoyance?

Annoyance is a noun.

Can you Use annoyance in 5 sentences?

Mosquitoes are an annoyance that some people are used to.The loud music next door was a source of annoyance.The player's annoyance eventually caused him to shout at the referee.His annoyance was greeted with an apology.The annoyance he felt at first soon abated.

How do you use the word annoyance in a sentence?

An annoyance is a bother, something that irritates. Here are some sentences.That noise is an annoyance.A barking dog is a real annoyance when you're trying to sleep.You're being an annoyance.The birds were of great annoyance, and John was aggravated by them.The crying baby next door was a great annoyance to me while I tried to read.It is an annoyance when loud music is played in the morning.

What is the adverb for annoyance?

adverb of annoyance is annoyingly according to me

How many syllables in annoyance?

Annoyance has three syllables.

What is a good sentence to use for annoyance?

They had an annoyance part in their life

Is annoyance an adverb?

No. Annoyance is a noun. The related adverb is annoyingly.

What is the verb of word annoyance?

"Annoy" is the verb form of "annoyance".

When was Annoyance Theatre created?

Annoyance Theatre was created in 1987.

How do you make boys stop annoying you?

Find somebody or something to do so there is no time for the annoyance.

What are some sentences for annoyance?

When I am working on a letter it is an annoyance for someone to ask me a question. It is quite an annoyance to have someone I am eating with to watch television while I am trying to have a conversation.

How would you use annoyance in a sentence?

Much to his annoyance, the shop had just closed when he got there.

What are some synonyms for the word 'annoyance'?

The definition of the word 'annoyance' is the feeling of being irritated. Some synonyms for this word would be anger, irritation, unhappiness, and frustration.

What is the definition of annoyance?

The word annoyance has to do with one that acts annoying or is annoying. It can also mean, the state or feeling of being annoyed which has to do with being vexed. An annoyance is a source of vexation or nuisance.

Where do you find sent password?

you say password sent where is it

Is annoyance an emotion?


What is a good sentence with annoyance and avoidance in it?

It is an annoyance that so many kids want me to do their homework, and it has resulted in my avoidance of this category.

What is a good compound sentence for annoyance?

She thought she would cheer up her big brother with a song, but he only found her to be an annoyance.

What is aggravation?

Aggravation is exasperation, annoyance.

What is galling?

Causing irritation or annoyance.

What is the base word of annoyance?


What is the abstract noun for annoy?

The abstract noun forms for the verb to annoy are annoyance and the gerund, annoying.

Who sent john Cabot to find Asia?

england sent john cabot

How do you deal with annoyance?

answer it with witty sarcasm or ignore it

What is irrant?

something that causes irritation and annoyance