Can you find an ionic compound that contains a polyatomic ion listed in the ingredients of a food item?

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Some foods contain sodium citrate. sodium nitrite, and/or sodium benzoate, all of which fit this description.
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What are a list of ionic compounds?

i really can't write all of it but ionic compounds can also be identified from their chemical formula.. Ionic compounds are combincations of metals and nonmetals ..ex. NaCl..Na is a metal and Cl is a nonmetal..refer to your periodic table for metal and nonmetal elements

What food item is an ingredient in dynamite?

Peanuts are sometimes used in dynamite, in the form of peanut oil. Some manufacturers use it to make glycerol, which is an ingredientof nitroglycerine, although it is not an essential ingredient.Glycerol can be made without peanut oil as well.

Define ion and ionic compounds?

An ion is molecule that has either gained or lost electrons. A molecule that has gained electrons is called an anion. A molecule that has lost electrons is called a cation. An ionic compound is a compound where two or more ions are held together by ionic bonds.

What is the polyatomic ion in the compound KNO3?

The polyatomic ion in KNO 3 (potassium nitrate) is NO 3 - , the nitrate ion. This ion is polyatomic because it contains four atoms bonded together. The nitrate ion is derived from nitric acid, HNO 3 .

What holds the ions together in an ionic compound?

The ions in an ionic compound are held together by ionic bonds. Eg. Electronegativity. The attraction between positively and negatively charged ions- Cations and anions.

A list of binary ionic compounds?

Here are few of the binary ionic compound; . Lithium fluoride LiFlithium fluorideLiFlithiumchlorideLiCllithium bromideLiBrlithium iodideLiIlithiumoxideLi2Olithium sulfideLi2Slithium nitrideLi3NlithiumphosphideLi3Pberyllium fluorideBeF2beryllium chlorideBeCl2berylliumbromideBeBr2beryllium iodideBeI2 ( Full Answer )

How do you write the formula for a compound containing a polyatomic ion?

Generally, polyatomic ions all have charges, or valency electrons which act as the charges as a whole. They are considered as a whole category of compounds in chemistry which have a combined charge. You should look up list of polyatomic ions for Google, if you need to learn them. To write the formul ( Full Answer )

Is febr3 binary ionic or ionic with polyatomic ion?

Iron (III) bromine, or FeBr 3 is a binary ionic compound. Its ions are the metal Fe and the non-metal Br (the number of bromines per molecule doesn't influence the answer). A polyatomic ion is one which has one or more atoms of two or more elements, such as carbonate (CO 3 ), hydroxide (OH), or nit ( Full Answer )

How do ions form ionic compounds?

Ionic bonds are formed due to the transfer of electrons from one atom (metal) to another atom (nonmetal) to give oppositely charged particles called ions to attain a noble gas arrangement.

Why do polyatomic ions form ionic bonds instead of covalents bonds?

It is because polyatomics are usually anions and have a negativecharge (i.e. PO 4 -phosphate-has a charge of 3-) so theytend to attract metals which have positive charges. And as we knowwhen a cation (+ charge) and an anion (- charge) react, they forman ionic compound.

How are formulas written for ionic compounds with polyatomic ions?

Formulas for ionic compounds with polyatomic ions are written just like normal ionic compounds would be written like. For example, lets say your ionic compound is Ammonium nitrate. The formula for ammonium is NH 4 and the formula for nitrate is NO 3 . The chemical formula of Ammonium nitrate will t ( Full Answer )

How do polyatomic ions form ionic compounds?

Ionic bonds are formed due to the transfer of electrons from one atom (metal) to another atom (nonmetal) to give oppositely charged particles called ions to attain a noble gas arrangement.

Is it true that in ionic compounds the oxidation number is the same as the charge on the ion . a neutral ionic compound can only contain ions with identical charges?

No, it is not true that a neutral ionic compound can only contain ions with identical charges. You can have, for example, a compound that consists of twice as many positive ions as negative ions, but the positive ions have only half the charge; +1 ions bonded to -2 ions. There are many different pos ( Full Answer )

How does an binary compound different from an polyatomic ion?

A binary compound is a chemical compound made up solely of 2 elements, for example P 2 O 5 , Na 2 O KCl. (The bonding is not relevant- it could be covalent or ionic.) A polyatomic ion is a cation or anion that contains more than one atom. Most contain 2 different elements. For example . polyatom ( Full Answer )

Which compounds contain an ionic bond?

In general, when an element in group 1 or group 2 combines with elements in group 16 or group 17, ionic bonds are formed between the two elements.

Where do you find listing of calories on common food items?

Quite often the packaging on food will list the calorie content of it either as a whole or for something like 100 grammes or an individual serving. Calorie counts can also be fond on sites such as Weightwatchers.

How are the ions kept in place in ionic compounds?

In ionic compounds the ions are held in place in a lattice structure by ionic bonds. This is a type of chemical bond caused by the electromagnetic attraction of two oppositely charged ions.

How do write the formula for a compound containing a polyatomic ion?

Make sure you are familiar with the most common polyatomic ions. Look at the locations of the elements on the Periodic table. Atoms in the same column as each other tend to exhibit similar characteristics, including the number of electrons the elements would need to gain or lose to resemble the near ( Full Answer )

Do ionic bonding contains ions?

In ionic bonds, an element donates electrons to a more electronegative element to from ions. The prior element makes positive ions where the latter makes negative. Then these ions form electrostatic bond to form a crystalline lattice. Therefore ionic compounds have ionic bonds in them.

What formula for a compound has monatomic and polyatomic ions present?

The answers have to be include monatomic and plyatomic ions presentand ratio between positive and negative ions is one to two, and agroup IIA element that loses one half of its total electrons uponion formation is present, and the sum of the atomic numbers for thetwo elements involved in the polyato ( Full Answer )

What are ions and what are the properties of ionic compounds?

When an atom loses an electron, it loses a negative charge andbecomes a positive ion. When an atom gains an electron, it gains anegative charge and becomes a negative ion. Ionic bonds form as aresult of the attraction between positive and negative ions. Whenionic compounds form, the ions come togeth ( Full Answer )