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A week after sex? Probably not. A week after missing your period? Probably. If you want a better answer, resubmit your question with more deatail.

I disagree. With my first child I instinctively knew I was pregnant and felt symptoms almost immediatlly. I wasn't even due for my period. I had a blood test and discovered I was 2 weeks pregnant.

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Q: Can you find out if you are pregnant in a week or so?
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What do you do wen your 4 week pregnant?

This is generally the week you find out you are pregnant.

Can you find out that you are pregnant in 1 week?


Can you find out if you are pregnant 1 week before your period?

You can find out you are pregnant 14 days after you had sex.

Can you ever find out if you're pregnant at one week?

No 1 week is too soon.

If you are only a week pregnant can you tell with a pap?

No. A pap is not used to determine pregnancy, and one week is too early to find out if you are pregnant

If your a week pregnant can you stop it?

It takes 2 weeks to find out you are pregnant so you at least 3 weeks. And yes, abortion is available up to week 20 or 24 depending on what state you live in. You have to see a doctor.

IS it possible to pregnant less than a week?

If you're pregnant, you're pregnant. It happens reasonably fast; the process doesn't hang about for a week or so.

Can a three week old baby rabbit get pregnant?

No, but in a week or so, yes.

Can you tell if your're pregnant within the first week?

No. You must wait at least fourteen days after intercourse to determine conception. Doctors actually consider the first week of pregnancy to be the week of your last menstrual period. The second week, is the week of conception. So two weeks after the week of conception you can determine pregnancy with an at-home kit. So you will actually be about 4 weeks along when you find out you are pregnant.

How far along are you when you usually find out you're pregnant?

I was 3 weeks pregnant with both my kids when I found out I was pregnant. Sometimes it is easy to tell. I started throwing up a lot very early and that tipped me off, but not everyone does that. Well as weird as it is, doctors consider the first week of pregnancy to be the week of your period even though you have not even conceived! So usually by the third or fourth week you are actually pregnant! To read more about this you can Google a week-by-week pregnancy calendar.

Can you tell if you're pregnant after one week?

No. The earliest you can find out is 2 weeks after sex

If your health is a week late are you pregnant?

if your health is a week late could you be pregnant.

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