Can you fire 32 caliber ammo out of a 38 caliber revolver?


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Generally speaking, no, and, you should never try to fire any ammo from a gun other than what it is designed to fire. You may be able to get it to fire, but you could damage the gun or hurt yourself.

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No such caliber as .32 Special. Use the caliber of ammo marked on the gun.

use 32-20 ammo The caliber of the ammo is 32-20. It is not common although it is still available.

if it's a revolver......32 cal revolver ammo if it's a pistol......32 cal pistol ammo

These were made to fire the .32 S&W revolver cartridge. Made well after the black powder era, they should be able to use standard present day ammo.

You can fire 32-20 ammo in a 32-20 revolver. That cartridge was used for both rifles and handguns. EARLY single action reolvers were meant for lower powered black powder cartridges, but later guns, such as the S&W Military & Police Revolver should fire any standard off-the-shelf 32-20.

No. The 7.65x17SR/.32 ACP and other 7.65/.32 calibre ammo types are not compatible with each other.

You need the services of a gunmsith.

about 1907..............the early pistols took a32 cal. cartridge that was a tiny bit smaller then current 32 S&W ammo. which means you have to find the older cartridge. No, can't fire 32 auto ammo thru the pistol

definitely not. .32 ammunition is .32 caliber though the actual diameter of the bullet is usually between .315 and .319 inches. .380 ammunition is .355 inches in diameter (9mm) and would not fit down the barrel of a .32 caliber gun.

The short answer is "no!". The cartridge may fire, but the case will split and the bullet will go somewhere downrange. Not pretty.

Saw one at an auction. It was listed as a Thames .32 caliber revolver.

The .32 Magnum revolver can fire the .32 S&W revolver cartridge. It cannot safely fire other .32 cartridges, such as .32 ACP (auto) 32-20, 32 Winchester, etc etc.

7.65mm is .32 caliber. I own one of these guns and love it.

The Mark IV was not made in .32 caliber. It was in caliber .38-200 (the 38 S&W). Value is $200 and up, depending on condition. A SIMILAR revolver is made by IOF in India in caliber .32 S&W Long, and sells new (in India) for about $1,300 USD (no competing companies).

givin your info id say .32 Rimfire (blackpowder)

NO! The .32 ACP is loaded to much higher energies than the .32 S&W Revolver cartridge, and cannot be safely fired in a revolver- especially one that old. You will also have problems extracting the fired cartridge case.

For a Smith and Wesson revolver in stainless steel that shoots short bullets, you might need a 380 caliber pistol or a S&W 32 caliber revolver.

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