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Can you fit 20-inch rims on a 2000 Sebring?


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2008-12-17 22:21:02
2008-12-17 22:21:02

20's will fit on a Sebring. Yes you will probably encounter some rubbing to the left and right when making sharp turns, its an easy fix. Have the shop (or whatever) that is mounting them cut out part of the wheel welds and it will eliminate the problem.


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Yes, 20inch rims will definitely fit, no adapters or accessories needed.

Yes, you can fit the 20 inch rims on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring. These rims can be purchased at locations such as Discount Tire as of 2014.

yes you have to get a low profile tire on it

Yes they will. They will fit perfectly if you get the low profile tires

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I've seen '97 Altimas with 20inch rims on them. You will need to buy rims that need the same number of lug nuts your current ones have.

yes, they changed the style in 2001 but everything from 1996 to 2000 will fit

Yes, of course 20inch rims will fit on a 05 Taurus with no problems. 225/35/20 tires or simliar sizes. rims 20x7 or 20x 7.5

i have a set of rims from a 2000 intrepid on my 97 intrepid so ya they will fit

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It will depend on the bolt pattern on the rims. If they are multi pattern they might fit.

not on the stock rims. They came with 15 and 16 inch rims. If you have aftermarket 17 inch rims then most likely.

Can 24 inch rims fit on a Buick le sabre 2000

Depends on what the "2000" engine is...

No the style on changed on the 2001 , the compatibility is 1996-2000

yes they will fit but not vise versa. 15" rims on the 1995 I believe 16" rims with large tires on the 2000.

as long as its a 5 lug pattern they should. the sebring comes with 16,17 and 18 inch wheels from the factory.

Yes they will fit, I have a 2001 Malibu and i have 225/35/20 tires on my 20" rims.That is the biggest tire size that you can squeez under the struts.

ANY 2004 rim from Lexus or just the rims from a 2004 GS300? A 2004 GS300 rim will fit a 2000 GS300.

Yes, 2006 Monte Carlo SS rims fit on a 2000 Lincoln ls.

Yes they will, i have 18 inch rims on my 99 Cirrus

No holes will not line up properly

Would a Toyota tundra 2003 rims fit on a 2001 dodge durango

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