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BOV's (blow-off valve) are to prevent too much positive pressure from entering the engine due to boost build-up and to releave back pressure from re-entering the Engine. A non-turbo car cannotuse a "BOV" since there is no turbo and/or positive pressure present in the intake manifold. This is STRONGLY not recommended, on NON-Turbo cars. As there is not reason for it to be present.

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Q: Can you fit a BOV into a non-turbo car?
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Can you fit a BOV into a non turbo car?

yes, but there's not gains or reason to

Is there any way you can fit a bov on a non turbo car?

you can fit a bov but will never hear it working. Without turbo you'll never reach pressure in intake to make it work. So installing it in non-turbo is worthless

Does a bov damage a car engine?

Turbosmart BOV's are designed to improve the performance of the turbocharger system. They will not usually damage a car engine.

Can you put a BOV on your automatic vtec engine car?

sure, as long as the car has a turbocharger, and you source the vacuum/boost for the BOV from the intake manifold.

Can a 92 talon engine fit in a 90 eclipse engine is a 2.0 nonturbo dohc?


How to fit a bov to a supercharged car?

the BOV is plumbed between the SC and intake mani, to relieve excess pressure/boost. If you need specific instructions as to how to actually do it visit some of the cool import sites and you can see pics of some good homemade jobs and bad.

What on earth is on a 1992 nonturbo 9000 It was the first year of the new frontend design?

a car.

Why can't you put a BOV on a non-turbo car?

Because the bov requires pressure in the intake system to work, this pressure comes from the turbo, no turbo on your car no pressure in your intake system to work one.

When did Battle of Bov happen?

Battle of Bov happened on 1848-04-09.

What is the vacuum hose supposed to be connected to on a supercharged car?

Im not a car expert but im pretty sure it should be connected to the BOV (blow off valve)

Where does BoV primarily operate?

The term BOV means Board of Visitors in some instances, each operating in different places. The BOV in NC, primarily operates in NC State, as an advisor to the chancellor.

Can you fit a BOV on a non-turbo 2200cc v-tec?

Where would you put a blow off valve on a non turbo, and what would it blow off? So the answer is no.

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