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But there are far superior products available to repair the headgasket with!

i tried it on my 1992 Chevy cavalier head gasket. it was leaking on the right front side as most 2.2's of this year do. i used it twice, but didn't work for me. i usually use K & W block seaker which works, but was told by the owner of the junk yard i got 2 leaky engines from it worked.... Next time i'd recommend K & W block sealer which does work and this is from experience ....

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:59:34
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Q: Can you fix a blown headgasket with sodium silicate?
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When replacing valves do you need to replace head gasket?

If you remove the head then of course you replace the head gasket.Where can you get sodium silicate to fix a blown head gasket?Know that adding sodium silicate to an engine is only a temporary fix for a blown head gasket and will not permantly fix the problem. The only permanent fix is to replace the head gasket. I would never add any head gasket fix material to any engine.

Where can you get sodium silicate to fix a blown headgasket?

Any company that makes cardboard boxes uses sodium silicate to seal their boxes. Sodium silicate is a glue; however, I would check with an automotive supplier of parts. They should have the properly sealer for a head gasket. The best and only way to cure a blown head gasket is to replace it with a new one. by cobbling it up with sodium silicate you are just prolonging the problem and maybe causing more damage. antifreeze will destroy your engines bearings if it gets into your oil which in turn ruins the crank. you should also get the head magna fluxed for cracks and checked for straightness. be sure to check the blocks deck to make sure its clean & straight as well.

2.3 Honda oil in coolant?

Not good. blown headgasket. Looking at 1200 to 1500 to fix.

How much would it cost to replace a blowin headgasket on a 1997 Lumina?

What is the avearage cost to fix a blow headgasket on a 98 lumina

Can you buy a product that you pour in to mend your blown headgasket?

No, There are products that are made to temporarily fix leaking radiators but the pressure involved with a head gasket leak just cant be plugged by a free flowing additive.

How do you fix a blown head gasket for a 1988 dodge ram 50 pickup?

The head must be removed and resurfaced. A blown headgasket is, for all practical purposes, ALWAYS the result of a warped head. A machine shop can resurface the head then a new headgasket can be used when the head is replaced. Unfortunately there are plenty of other pieces that must be removed/replaced as a part of the process. If you want to do it yourself you might want to have an experienced helper to show you how.

How do you fix a blown amplifier?

you dont

Will black pepper fix blown head gasket?

No it will not. The only thing that will fix a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket.

Will bars fix blown head gasket in 1978 midget?

No, the only permanent fix for a blown head gasket is to replace it.

Does dura sealer fix BloWn head gasket?

No, nothing will fix a blown head gasket except replacing it. Sealer are only used in an emergency situation as a temporary fix.

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What do mean fix it? Have checked the fuse has not blown?

2003 Toyota 4Runner how to fix blown fuse?


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