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- Change the data cable of monitor

- Changing the gamma to all red will allow you to see at least some green

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Q: Can you fix a computer monitor that is all blue no green or red?
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What three colors are used to create all colors on a color monitor?

Combinations of red, blue, and green create all of the colors on a color monitor.

What three colors are used to biuld all colors on a color monitor screen?

Red, Blue, and Green

What three colors are used to build all colors on a color monitor screen?

Red, Green, and Blue.

What three colours are used to build all colours on a colour monitor screen?

Red Green Blue

What 3 colors are used to make all other colors on a monitor?

RED. BLUE, Green and sometimes yellow

What are some ways to monitor a computer network?

Some ways to monitor a computer network is to link all of the computers to one computer that can only be accessed by an admin or computer network specialist that will monitor all of the activities in all of the computers.

What 3 colors are used to build all the colors on a monitor screen?

Red,Green, and Blue. Have you ever wondered why they call the input RGB?

How do you use the word monitor in a sentence?

You must be Monitored all times. Who will monitor deadpool?

Why does the monitor say no signal when the computer boots up even though the monitor works?

There might be a problem with the cable between the computer and the monitor, or with the graphics card inside the computer. Check that the cable is plugged in between the computer and the monitor. cable,monitor and graphics card all work but I still can't get the monitor to work no signal could the processor cause this problem

If you unplug one monitor and hook up another monitor will you lose all of your screen savers?

No, The screensavers are stored in the computer, not the monitor.

How much does a iMac monitor cost?

The monitor is the computer. It is an all-in-one design. The base price is $1,299.

Where does the color white come from?

White is the sensory impression cause when a surface reflects all three primary colors: red, green, and blue in approximately equal degree. Gray and black occur when all three are about equally absorbed. A white page on your computer monitor is white because the monitor is radiating all three colors in about equal intensity. You can check this by looking at the surface of the screen with a magnifying glass.

What is produced when all primary colors of light are combined?

If red, green and blue light are combined in the correct amounts, the result is white light. Consider a computer monitor. It has only red, green and blue pixels. But mixing them together in the proper levels (0-255 for each one) results in 16,777,216 colors from black to white. The monitor's calibration can affect that, but white is the ideal output for all colors turned fully on.

What is a computer and monitor all in one?

An All-In-One PC, or an iMac if you prefer.

Can you give me a sentence using monitor?

I get a headache from staring at my computer monitor all day. or.... We will monitor the situation for any further changes and proceed from there.

What does rgb mean in computer term?

RGB refer to the colors of the phosphors in a CRT display or the LCD crystals on a LCD monitor etc. Red, Green, BlueWith different amounts of these colors you define all the colors you can display on a monitor.Each pixel (dot on the screen) has an RGB value. Which is translated into voltages or similar for determining what the screen should display there,

Why does the monitor did not open where is the problem?

If it has been working normally before this--no black border--then the monitor may have become unplugged from the computer. Shut down the computer. Unplug and then replug in all of the connecting wires, make sure the On button on the monitor is on. Image should be there when you turn the computer back on. If this doesn't work, try hooking the monitor up to another computer. If you have the same issue, the problem is the monitor. If not, the first computer is the problem.

What is apple imac?

It is an All-In-One computer made by Apple. The computer and monitor are one piece.

The blue green planet?

Earth is blue and green, while Uranus is a blue/greenish colour all over.

How do you unlock dell computer screen?

The first thing I would try is to hold down the menu button for 15 seconds. This should work but if it doesn't then try this: * Turn the computer and monitor off * Disconnect all monitor cabling from the monitor (power, USB, VGA, DVI, etc.) * Press and hold in the monitor power button in for 5 seconds * Reconnect the monitor to the computer * Reconnect the monitor power cord to the monitor * Turn on the monitor, then the computer * Press the Menu button for 15 seconds to unlock the padlock feature

How many monitors does iMac have?

One. The monitor and the computer are all-in-one.

Can you hook up a dell monitor to a HP computer?

You can hook up any type of monitor to a computer regardless of the company. If the plugin is the same, it shouldn't have any problem at all.

What does blue green and yellow make?

I don't know what they all make but Blue & Yellow make Green.

When do you know if PC processor is bad?

When the computer is not processing anything at all. The computer light is on the monitor light is not but nothing is processing through the computer therefore no data is coming up on the monitor, not even the startup menu.

What are all the colors of the spectrum?

Primary Colors: Red Green Blue Secondary Colors: Yellow (Red & Green) Cyan (Green & Blue) Magenta (Blue & Red)