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Can you flush kitty litter down the toilet with cat waste matter?


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October 25, 2009 2:42PM


Like much in life it feces can contain a parasite, toxoplasma gondii, which can harm sea mammals. Cats that are allowed to go outdoors can pick up the parasite from eating small animals like birds. Cats are exclusively indoors cats aren't usually exposed to this parasite (unless you've got a problem with mice). Flushing cat waste is suspected to be linked to the death of sea otters, whales and porpoises in the US and the UK. The parasite can survive sewage treatment and then travel down rivers until it gets to the sea. The only safe way to dispose of it is via land fill or incineration.

If your cats are indoors cats you should use a clumping litter that is biodegradable other kinds of litter should never be flushed.

If you decide to flush your troubles down the drain there are you should be careful to watch for signs that your toilets are getting clogged up. There have been some reports of little clogging toilets. Your mileage may vary.

Try searching "cat litter otter toxoplasma" for more information about toxoplasma gondii.