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Like much in life it feces can contain a parasite, toxoplasma gondii, which can harm sea mammals. Cats that are allowed to go outdoors can pick up the parasite from eating small animals like birds. Cats are exclusively indoors cats aren't usually exposed to this parasite (unless you've got a problem with mice). Flushing cat waste is suspected to be linked to the death of sea otters, whales and porpoises in the US and the UK. The parasite can survive sewage treatment and then travel down rivers until it gets to the sea. The only safe way to dispose of it is via land fill or incineration.

If your cats are indoors cats you should use a clumping litter that is biodegradable other kinds of litter should never be flushed.

If you decide to flush your troubles down the drain there are you should be careful to watch for signs that your toilets are getting clogged up. There have been some reports of little clogging toilets. Your mileage may vary.

Try searching "cat litter otter toxoplasma" for more information about toxoplasma gondii.

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How do you train your kitten to go the toilet?

Do not put your kitty in the toilet, use a litter box instead

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where was kitty litter invented? where was kitty litter invented?

How do you get cats to not pee on the couch?

you can buy a plastic thingy that fits on the toilet you pour kitty litter on it and the cat takes a dump in the toilet

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why don't you smell kitty litteR?

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you could say both but the most common is kitty litter

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You can find coupons for kitty litter in the local paper or online. You can call kitty litter companies to see if you can get discounts by purchasing in bulk.

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you dog shouldnt be ill if you ate kitty litter you spastic

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Use litter that is made out of clay.

Is it fine to use kitty litter in place of hamster litter?


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No, kitty litter never needs to be used in a fire pit. The chemicals in the kitty litter could cause an explosion.

How do you clean up a spillage of petrol in a garage?

Kitty litter to absorb it, the dispose of kitty litter as per local laws

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No. Kitty litter is very dusty and can clog up their nose, get in their eyes, and is irritating to the skin.

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Cats use kitty litter but humans do not. Humans could, but I highly recommend you don't. The sand they use to make the litter is not for humans to be smelling.

What should you put in your rabbits litter box?

kitty litter or paper

How much kitty litter to put in cat box?

my cat is toilet trained... but recently he was ill & had to stay indoors so a litter tray was needed. I was told by my vet 2.5cm... enough to scratch around in. hope that helps

What happens if kittens nibble on kitty litter?

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that the company that makes the kitty litter kept in mind that animals tend to eat random things, so they would have had to make the kitty litter nontoxic.

Was kitty litter invented by Frenchie Foudray in 1880?

"Kitty Litter" was first developed by Edward Lowe, in 1947, in St. Paul Minnesota.

Were can kitty litter be found?

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Not even human feces smells nice so why should your cats. Fortunately you can get 'clumping kitty litter' and if you can't afford that kitty litter then add some baking soda into the kitty litter (mix well) when you change the cat's litter box.

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kitty litter

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Do gnats come from kitty litter?

From Research, It is possible! I have learned that gnats are mostly found coming up out of plant pots(the soil part) But gnats would probably like kitty litter it is dirtyish! I have never seen gnats in kitty litter though!