Can you fly on 24 carrot island?


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No. But the carrot transporter can bring you back to the Factory from anywhere on the island!

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It is not possible for a person to fly on 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica. A person will only be able to jump on this level.

The mayor of the town on 24 Carrot Island will give you the Island Medallion when you complete the quest.

24 Carrot Island is the 4th island of Poptropica. It came out in June, 2008.

24 Carrot Island does not have a cockpit. 24 Carrot Island was released in 2008 and the main objective of the game is to stop the evil Dr. Hare from controlling Poptropica.

24 carrot diner isn't in shark tooth it is in 24 carrot

He is in the carrot cake factory

There is no painters room on 24 carrot island.

The "carrot blender" on 24 Carrot Island is a factory machine that formerly created ingredients for carrot cake. It has been altered by Dr. Hare to make rocket fuel.

You get a item the allows you to get out of the factory on 24 Carrot island. It"s like a carrot-like control.

On 24 Carrot Island you don't get a wrench. But you do get a pryer thingy. You get that by returning the hardware lady's cat to her.

The carrot farm is on 24 Carrot Island, but someone is taking all the carrots!

The hair-coloring drinks on 24 Carrot Island are strictly decorative, and do not affect the game play.

The 3rd Poptropica island was 24 Carrot Island.

Go to the abandoned farmhouse at the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm, to the left of Main Street on 24 Carrot island. Climb to the roof and you can enter through the chimney.

There is a Carrot Blender in the processing room of 24 Carrot Island. There is also a large juice mixer on 24 Carrot Island in the diner. (changes your hair color)

The game "24 Carrot Island" on Poptropica takes you to an island where the local economy is failing because of the disappearance of the carrot crops. There are also some kids who are missing without a trace. You have to find out what is behind the missing carrots and the missing kids. Your investigation centers on the closed Carrot Cake Factory on the outskirts of town, and the strange activities now occurring there. (For a starter question, see "how do you get the cat on 24 Carrot Island".) (For a complete solution, see "how do you beat 24 Carrot Island".)

Although you can adjust the controls, this is not a part of the island quest. The carrot blender is turning carrots into rocket fuel.

The closed Carrot Cake Factory is to the right side of 24 Carrot Island. You will need a crowbar to get in through the sewer pipe at far right. (see related question)

The warehouse is on 24 carrot island.

There is a swamp in 24 Carrot Island

Ratman is on Super Power Island. There is a large rat in the sewer entrance to the factory on 24 Carrot Island (climb up into the bypass pipe to elude him).

You can return the cat to the owner at Charlie's Carrot Surplus. You will receive the crowbar you need to enter the Carrot Cake Factory. If you don't return the cat, it will remain loose on 24 Carrot island, should you return there.

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