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Can you forget how to pee?

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No, can you?

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Why do people pee on you :)?

Oh because:) NOTHING>>>>.... :/

What does it mean when your pee is black?

It means that you should get checked out by a doctor you MAY have cancerIt means your a emo Forget about that answer, it's not true!If you have black pee you might die soon or you might have cancer. Go to the doctor!!

What would happen if you had to pee really bad but you just held it in for multiple days?

You would rupture your bladder, this can kill you. My theory is that you would probably forget how to pee, and then your life would we really sad.... XD

What are some ways to forget that you have to pea?

Well for one if u have to pee go pee but if u cant go to a bathroom start thinking about something else if your with someone start talking to them walk around a little

What is a literary paragraph?

A literary paragraph is a formal argument, in defense of a thesis about a text. Such a paragraph consists of a Topic sentence, followed by 3 sets of Point/Proof/Explanation, and closed with a Conclusion.ANSWER:A good way to remember how to write a literary paragraph is PEE. PEE stands for Point.Evidence.Explanation. So don't forget to PEE!!

what is pee plyse pee?

a boul movement

What rhymes with pee-pee?


Who invented the word pee pee?


How does a butterfly get its food?

pee pee they use its intents to suck pee pee

Is there more toxins in your pee when you first pee?

yes there is toxins in your pee when you first pee.

What is the french word for pee-pee?


How do zebras pee?

they pee through there pee whole!

what is in pee?

your butt

Why was a tee pee called a tee pee?

it was called pee cause they like the word pee

How do you pee on wolfquest?

On the first episode you can NOT pee! But once you get to the Slough Creek episode, you can, after you find a territory. Once you find one, your mission is to mark your territory. So all you have to do is walk around in the yellow-half-of-a-circle, and keep on pressing the p on your keyboard to.... pee. After you reach 100%, don't forget that you have to continue marking your territory every time the scent starts to fade away. (aka: you have to pee constantly, not just one time and that's it.)

Do buzzards pee?

Of course they pee. They pee when they poop. LOL

How do you kill a pee?

poke it 1000000000000000 times

Does tails have a pee-pee?

dont be a hell of a pingas

Do vampires pee?

No, they don't pee because nothing that is mythical can pee. They do not exist so therefore they can not pee.

Do women pee?

Yes Women Pee, They Can Pee Standing Up But Most Pee Sitting Down.

What do you pee in prison?


Do owls pee?

No. they do not pee.

Where do platypuses pee?

Where they are when they have to pee.

How long is my Pee-pee?

atleast longer then an atom

How many pounds of pee do you pee in a lifetime?

As much as you pee in a lifetime