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Can you freeze cooked ham?


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You can freeze cooked ham. Here is a good trick. You can slice the ham up into serving slices (or thinner slices for Sandwiches) and divide the pieces into packages for several meals or layer the slices with a plastic wrap between them and then take out how ever many you want, without them sticking together. This way you don't have to haul out a big ham and then end up throwing at least 1/4 of it out. If you don't want to do this, wrap the ham in aluminum foil so it doesn't get freezer burn and put a date on it. AND I also forgot. When you take it out get a needle and put vinegar into it. It should make it more tasty!!


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Yes, you can safely freeze ham after it has been cooked. After thawing the same frozen cooked ham, it is unsafe to freeze it again.

Yes, you can safely freeze soup that contains cooked ham.

Yes, of course you can. I've kept ham in the freezer for months with no problems.

This can last in the freezer for up to a year.

No. I did it once, and it tasted terrible. It was totally inedible.

Yes you can, if you think of frozen pizza that has cooked ham on it, same situation. However, ham should be defrosted fully in the fridge.

Yes, you can freeze packets of cooked ham. If the packet has been opened, you should put the ham in an airtight container suitable for freezing or a freezer bag.

No, it wouldn't be safe. You should cook it and then freeze it.

Oftentimes, people will prepare a lot of meat and want to freeze some of the leftovers so they'll keep longer. Provided the ham is cooked and smoked, it should keep fine in the freezer for several weeks.

yes but this can only be done after being cooked but then unthawed like a turkey

if you are referring to steaks cut off of a smoked ham then yes you can freeze them. Best way to do so is to vacuum pack them singly. Uncooked ham steaks are actually smoked therefore already cooked and ready to eat.

No more than a couple of days. However, you can freeze the ham bone to keep it longer.

1.0g of carbohydrates are present in cooked ham.

Just put the ham in freezer paper and freeze it.

Yes, you can freeze cooked spinach.

Yes, you can freeze cooked kielbasa.

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Yes, you can safely freeze cooked meat.

Yes, you can safely freeze cooked lamb.

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Yes, you can safely freeze cooked macaroni.

When you go chopping for a ham, you can buy a cooked ham which you can keep in your fridge, or you can buy a raw ham which you have to cook in the oven.

Cooked ham will eventually go bad. Spoilage can only be delayed. Within an hour or two of cooking, separate the ham into smaller portions that will cool quickly. Then wrap and refrigerate. Plan to use it within 5-7 days. If more storage time is needed, the ham could possibly be frozen - but not all types of ham freeze well.

Yes, you can safely freeze navy beans and ham.

Yes, you can safely freeze cooked pinto beans.

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