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Yes, actually, water chestnuts can be frozen. First you would want to put them in a plastic, airtight container to avoid freezer burn.

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Q: Can you freeze water chestnuts
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Are water chestnuts and chestnuts the same?

No. Chestnuts are nuts that grow on trees. Water chestnut is a type of vegetable.

What are some foods without sodium?

Water Chestnuts Water Chestnuts

Are water chestnuts kosher foR passover?

Fresh water chestnuts are fine. Canned water chestnuts require a kosher for Passover hechsher.

Are water chestnuts suitable for vegetarians?

Water chestnuts come from a plant. Therefore, they are suitable for vegetarians.

Where to get fresh water chestnuts?

You will be able to find water chestnuts in some grocery stores during certain times of the year. Asian markets will have water chestnuts all year long.

Are water chestnuts a vegetable?

yes they are

What water will not freeze?

Sea water will not freeze.

What food group are water chestnuts in?

they are in the vegetable food group.

Why does water freeze instantly?

Water does not freeze instantly..

What kind of water can't freeze?

there's no kind of water can't freeze. sorry actually there is water that cant freeze running water and water falls cannot freeze

What substances can freeze?

Water can freeze

What can be substituted for celery?

If its the crunch you are seking, you might like water chestnuts.

Crops that grow in china?

Rice and water chestnuts to name a few.

Can you eat water chestnuts if you have a nut allergy?

yes because it is not a nut.

What is the difference between a chestnut and a water chestnut?

Chestnuts are actual nuts and grow on trees, are smoother and used in baked goods. Water chestnuts are more of a vegetable, are crunchy, have a higher water content and used in stir fry.

How does water chestnuts reproduce?

The water chestnut is reproduced by an underground stem... or also known as corm.

What freeze faster salt water or water?

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

Difference between chestnut and water chestnut?

One of the main differences between chestnuts and water chestnuts is that the water chestnut is not a nut. A water chestnut is an aquatic plant that grows in marshes under the water. The regular chestnut actually grows on a tree and is classified as a nut.

Does all water freeze?

All water can freeze, depending on the temperature.

Does skim milk freeze faster that water?

water freeze faster

How will water freeze?

water will freeze when it is at its freezing point which is 0 degrees

Does salt water or plain water freeze faster?

Pure water freeze faster.

Can water chestnuts cause anaphylaxis in tree nut allergic people?

No, absolutely not.

How can you get rid of water chestnuts without eating them?

spit on computer hard-drives

What is ramaki?

I believe it is water chestnuts wrapped in bacon; then broiled. It's an hors'deuovre.