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HIV is the virus, AIDS is the viral load level of the HIV infection. Not unless there were open sores, and even then the odds would be extraordinarily remote. proably not.

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Q: Can you get AIDS if a guy sucks a woman's breast and she does the same for him?
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Can aids be transmitted through breast milk?

HIV and AIDS are not the same thing,HIV is a virus and AIDS a syndrome. You cant transmit a syndrome but you can transmit a Virus. Yes,HIV can be transmitted via Breast Milk and HIV+ Mothers should not Breast feed.

If your mom has HIV will you get AIDS?

Maybe...but like if before you are born and your mom has HIV you may have the same because of breast feeding or just like being born.

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Did magic johnson have aids?

No HIV,the virus that causes AIDS. But HIV and AIDS are not one and the same.

What is a womans urine hole called?

Same as for man - urethra.

What are sypmtoms for a womans second pregnancy?

same symptoms as the first.

Can you have aids from someone if you just eat from the same spoon?

no you cant get aids

What are symptoms of AIDS in Africa?

The same symptoms as AIDS everywhere else

What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

Same as an adult womans.

When was womans snowboarding introduced into the Olympics?

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How does HIV differ from AIDS?

It's the same thing eg HIV AIDS...

Does using of the same syringe for two persons having the same blood group cause aids?

No; that will not cause AIDS or HIV.

Is sars the same as aids?

SARS is not the same as AIDS. They are both relatively recently-emerging infectious disease. The similarity ends there.

Is breast cancer the same as cervical cancer?

No, breast cancer and cervical cancer are not the same at all. Not least of all because breast cancer is in the BREAST and cervical cancer is in the CERVIX, which are different body parts.

Can a person get aids by using the same toothpaste?

No. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is not contagious. People cannot contract AIDS from anything. AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus.) HIV is transmitted through contact with infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk. HIV is not good at living outside of the body, so transmission via toothpaste is not considered an "at-risk" behavior.

What is the meaning of AIDS in Bahasa Melayu?

la...sama je lah AIDS dlm bahasa inggeris..(same like in english.. i mean, AIDS is AIDS right?!)

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Yes, mens sizes and womans size are the same.

Can cows get AIDS?

Cows cannot get AIDS but they do have a strand of the AIDS virus they can contract. It is called BIV (bovine immunodeficiency virus) and is non transferable to humans. Although it is not technically AIDS it has the same effects AIDS has on humans.

Why is AIDs sometimes classified as STI?

Because aids is a sexually transmitted virus same as sti

Is gonorrhea the same as AIDS?

No. AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. Gonorrhea is caused by a bacteria. AIDS is treated by antivirals and gonorrhea is treated by antibiotics.

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Are hepatitis c and aids the same thing?


How are HIV and AIDS the same?

They are roughly the same thing , H.I.V is the early thing with the sign of it , Aids are later on, the final stage is full blown stage.