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You can get Medicaid if you are pregnant, even if you have insurance, if you meet the other factors of eligibility including citizenship/alien status and limited financial resources.

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Q: Can you get Medicaid if you have insurance and get pregnant?
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What if you had insurance when you found out you were pregnant then lost your insurance can you qualify for medicaid?

You can get Medicaid when pregnant if you meet the eligibility requirements - principally, citizenship and limited income/assets. Medicaid can be backdated up to three months prior to the month of your application.You can get Medicaid even if you have insurance; however, your provider(s) must bill your insurance first, prior to billing Medicaid.

Can you qualify for Medicaid if you are pregnant and living with your parents and their insurance does not cover maternity?

The only way to answer that is by calling Medicaid and asking them if you qualify.

Does Illinois medicaid work in North Carolina. My wife has Illinois medicaid and we want to move to North Carolina. what should we do about her health insurance as she is pregnant?

Your wife will have to cancel her Illinois Medicaid and apply in NC.

Can you be on Medicaid and have secondary insurance?

Yes, you can. The other insurance would be primary though and the Medicaid secondary.

Are Medicare and Medicaid private insurance groups?

Both Medicare and Medicaid are government insurance programs.

If my husband gets a job and has insurance will Medicaid cancel my insurance. I am currently pregnant and didn't have insurance so I applied and got approved. Do I have the option to keep medicaid?

No. More information would be necessary to give an exact resolution, but you are not allowed to have both private insurance and Medicaid. You can not have both private insurance and medicaid at the same time. That is what is called double dipping. You husbands plan should have an option to "opt-in" to his plan if it is a group medical provided through work.

Can you Medicaid and another insurance?

Absolutely. But tell your Medicaid caseworker so that providers will bill the other insurance first.

Does sylvan learning centers take insurance or medicaid?

dose sylvan learning center take insurance or medicaid

Hospital insurance for the elderly?


Can you still get medicaid for your child if his father has him covered on court ordered private insurance?

Yes - private insurance is not a bar to Medicaid eligibility - but tell your Medicaid caseworker so that the private insurance is billed first.

How does Medicaid pay when there is other Insurance involved?

The provider must give Medicaid proof that the other insurance carrier (including Medicaid) has "adjudicated" the bill. Medicaid will then pay any remaining eligible charges, to the extent that it would have paid had the patient not had any other insurance.

Does Medicaid cover gynecomastia surgery?

Medicaid is State Insurance and Medicare is federal. Therefore, it depends on what state you have Medicaid in; however, I doubt that they would. Very few insurance companies do.

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