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Can you get Trichomoniasis if neither partner has it?

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Trichomoniasis is a parasite that lives in the vaginal canal in females, and the urethra in males. It is specifically transferred by sexual contact. If neither partner claims to have it, then neither partner should contract it. If someone has contracted it, then someone else has a lot of explaining to do.
Just like any STD, Trichomoniasis is transmitted during sexual contact, be it penis to vagina, vulva to vulva, or occasionally penile/anal contact. Therefore it is not possible for a partner to spontaneously develop a trichomoniasis infection.

That being said, Trichomonaisis can be asymptomatic in many, or may simply be latent for a period of time and not producing any symptoms.

2013-09-27 11:52:17
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Can you get trichomoniasis from a long time partner?

Yes, you can get trichomoniasis from a long-time partner if the partner is infected.

How do you get trichomoniasis if neither of you sleep around?

It is possible to get trich from infected towels, bedding, or bathing suits; but not likely. It likely is from a prior partner or sleeping around.

How can a man catch trichomoniasis from another partner?

ORAL!! :)

Is trichomoniasis viral or bacterial?

Trich is neither; it is a protozoa (a parasite).

Can a person get Trichomoniasis from a sexual partner?

Yes, you typically get trich from sex.

Can only one partner have trichomoniasis?

Not definitely, but more than likely.

How do you get trichomoniasis if you or your partner have not been with anyone?

A person can only get trichomoniasis if he or she had sex with someone who is infected. It can be transmitted via oral, genital or anal sex. To learn more about trichomoniasis, check out this website:

Do doxycycline and fluconazole cure trichomoniasis?

Neither doxycycline nor fluconazole cure trichomoniasis. See your health care provider for effective treatment.

What would happen if you nut why being treated for Trichomoniasis?

If you ejaculate while being treated for trichomoniasis, you won't affect treatment. If you have sex with someone while being treated, you could infect the partner, and the partner could then reinfect you.

If you get trichomoniasis does it mean that your spouse is cheating on you I know that i have only been with one partner?

It is highly unlikely to get trichomoniasis in any other means than from sexual contact.

What SID is not a bacteria or a virus?

Trichomoniasis and public lice are STDs that are neither bacterial nor viral.

Can you get trichomoniasis without having sexd?

Trichomoniasis can also be spread through genital-to-genital contact, without sexual intercourse. It is usually spread between a man and a woman, or between two women. Trichomoniasis is more common in people who have more than one sexual partner.

Can you get a disease if neither you or your partner has had a disease?


Can you get gonorrhea if you and your partner are virgins?

If neither partner is infected, it is impossible to get it from each other.

How long can a man carry trichomoniasis before a woman can get it?

It doesn't matter how long he's had it. If he has trichomoniasis he can pass it onto his partner. It's easily cured with a several pills for both male and female. Planned Parenthood treats this

Can you get gonorrhea if neither partner is infected?

No you can not get gonorrhea without either partner being infected.

Can trichomoniasis be transmitted by saliva?

No, trichomoniasis does not infect the mouth and can't transmit trichomoniasis.

Is there a vaccine for trichomoniasis?

There is no vaccine for trichomoniasis.

What is the prefix and the suffix of trichomoniasis?


Where can you get gonorrhea?

From an infected partner if neither of you use protection.

Can humans get trichomoniasis?

Yes, humans get trichomoniasis.

Where do you get trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis infects the urethra and vagina.

Is trichomoniasis good or bad?

Trichomoniasis is an infection that causes problems. There are no good points to having trichomoniasis.

Is Trichomoniasis communicable?

Yes, trichomoniaisis is communicable. You can get it from sex with an infected partner. It's also possible that you can get it from sharing a wet washcloth with someone who is infected.

Is trichomoniasis an STD?

Yes trichomoniasis is a STD.Triganomis isn't a STD.Yes trichomoniasis is considered an STI.