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Yes. There is no specific undergraduate major required for admission into law school.

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Q: Can you get a bachelors in biology and go to law school?
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What degree do you need to go to law school?

Hi and i can answer that question and what you need to enter law school is you need four years of under grad school then you will need a bachelors degree then before you need to apply to law school and then you will need to pass the LSATS so the answer will be a bachelors degree.

Can you go to law school with a bachelors degree in journalism?

Yes. Any one with a bachelor's degree can go to law school. Once you have completed a BA or BS degree, you will need to take the LSAT test. That is the Law School Admissions Test. Then you start applying to law schools.

Can you go to law school with BS HRM?

Law schools like to have a variety of degrees in their entering classes. They will consider any bachelors degree.

How many years will you have to do at university to study about law?

After finishing a bachelors degree, you go to law school. That is normally going to be a total of 7 years.

Do you need a BA in anything to go to law school?

Technically yes, you need at least Bachelors degree in any major to be admitted to law school. Law schools do not require specific majors for admission; however, most law school applicants have Bachelors degrees in Business, Criminal Justice, or Political Science. There are, however, some exceptions such as with Cooley School of Law in Michigan, which will allow a student with a certain amount of college credit to be admitted without earning a Bachelors degree. In addition to a Bachelors degree, all potential applicants are required to take the LSAT, or the Law School Admissions Test before admission.

Do you have to go to pre law school before entering law school?

In the United States, you are required to complete a Bachelors degree before you can enter law school. However, a "pre law" course of study (quite unlike pre-med, which is a medical school requirement) is not required.

How many years does the lawyers go to law school?

Full time laws school in the US takes three years. That is after completing a bachelors. Some places restrict how long you can take to complete law school

What colleges could you have to go to be a lawyer?

You can go to any college to get a bachelors degree. In most states you must attend a law school for three years.

Where to go to school for marine biology?

A type of school that teaches marine biology.

What subjects do you have to do in high school to get into law school?

There are no requirements. You need a 4 year Bachelors degree before you can apply to law school, so high school has NO effect on the admissions process. There aren't any course requirements in college to go to law school. You can be an English major or a Physics major. It doesn't matter. The only way undergrad counts is if you want to be admitted to the patent bar. Then you need a degree in a science, like chemistry or biology. Even then, what you did in high school doesn't matter.

Do you need a 4 year bachelors degree and 4 years of medical school to go to dental school?

-Ok you need a 4 year bachelors degree and then you just have to go to dental school

Do you go to law school after you get a bachelors degree?

In the US that is required by most schools. There are a few that may allow entrance without completing a bachelor's.

What school could you go to become a lawyer?

It depends on the requirements for you particular country or state. In most cases, you attend law school for 3 years after completing your bachelors degree.

How many years does a person have to go to become a lawyer?

In most jurisdictions, you have to complete law school to become a lawyer. Most law schools require you to have completed a Bachelors degree before starting law school. Law school is normally a 3 year course of study, going full time.

Do you need a BA before you go to Law school?

Most law schools require a bachelors of some type to gain admission. Whether it is a BA or a BS doesn't really matter.

What type of bachelor do you need to go to law school?

There is really no specific bachelors degree program that is required. You should determine what your desired speciality will be. In other words, if you plan on specializing in criminal law, then a bachelors in criminal justice might be a consideration. If you plan to specialize in corporate law, then a bachelors in business might be a consideration. Whichever you choose, make sure you keep in contact with the transfer counselor at the institution you are enrolled at. This is to ensure you complete the appropriate course background that will enhance your acceptance to law school.

What are the requirements to become a lawyer?

The requirements to become a lawyer is you have to have a license from the State. To get a license you have to get a Bachelors degree and go to law school for three years. yup yup

Does an associate's degree in nursing qualify as an undergraduate degree to go to law school?

Depends on the school. Most require Bachelors degrees, however, there are some schools that will admit students with AA or AS degrees

What are the education requirements for a RN?

It depends on where you live and what school you go to. Generally to get an associates degree it takes three years. One year of prerequisites such as biology, chemistry, anatomy, math and psychology. Once you get into nursing school you have two years of nursing school. If you go for a bachelors degree generally you have additional year to year and a half of school.

Can you go to medical school after getting a bachelors in medical science?


Can you get a BA in psychology and go to law school?

Yes, there is not a specified major required for admission to law school. Most law schools only require a bachelors degree from an accredited university with a good GPA, an adequate score on the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), and an adequate application. Remember, like everything in law school, admission is a competition. The better you can improve these three categories, the better your chances for admission.

What do you do after high school to become an ultrasound tech?

Go to college major in biology and go to nursing school

Where did Corey Harrison from pawn stars go to law school?

He did not go to law school.

Is graduate school necessary for marine biology?

No but, you will get a better paying job if you go for the masters. Better yet get the bachelors look for a job and then see if they will pay for you to get your masters. That is a total win for you. You get a job and free school when ever you fulfill your contract for them to pay for your school go job hunting for better pay. Maybe that company will pay enough for you to get your PhD.

Do you have to go to law school if you want to be in the army?

The army does not require you to go to law school before joining. If you want to be a JAG officer, yes, you go to law school first.