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Can you get a beard on Poptropica?

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As far as I am concerned, only boy characters on Poptropica can get one.

2012-12-28 13:54:39
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How do you get Hades beard on poptropica?

You can costumize it off him when you meet him during Mythology Island.

When can you get beards in Poptropica?

You click costomize on your menu bar and click on a person that has a beard you want

How do you get a goat in Poptropica?

u have to go and talk to the long beard guy he will give u as many as u want

How do you get Hades on Poptropica?

To get Hades you need to get his user name 1st. Hades user name is hadescreator1. After that you customize his clothes. Then to get his white face there is a cheat to do press Ctrl+Shift+s until you get a white face. then your done but wait you don't have his beard. That's ok just go to the poptropica store and buy a guy with a beard.

What does the owner of the tickets look like on poptropica?

its the guy in the cafe, he plays video games non-stop! he has a beard and a greenish hat

Are you supposed to help the lady with the beard on poptropica?

no but you hafe to get the gold nugget and go to the guy who made her have the beird he'll give you one of everything hope this helped [:

Why was Black Beard called black beard?

He was called black beard because he had a black beard.

Did Captain Red Beard had red beard?

I'm pretty sure he did. Because why would they name him Red Beard if he didn't have a red beard? So he had a red beard.

Does Apollo have a beard?

No, Apollo does not have a beard.

Do you need a beard?

No you do not a beard is optional

What do you do when you get the gold nugget in Poptropica the wild west?

After you get the gold nugget on Poptropica Wild-West Island you ride to "Dos Cactos" and give it to R.J Earl's (the man) next to the carnival carriage, he will give you 5 tonics: Transparency, Shrinking, Concentration, Noggin Nip and Beard Brew

Did william shakespeare have a beard?

Yes, he did have a beard.

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The plural for beard is beards.

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Dopey did not have a beard .

Did Marco Polo have a mustache or beard?


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Beard = Bart.

Is beard a noun?

Yes, the word 'beard' is both a noun (beard, beards) and a verb (beard, beards, bearding, bearded).Examples:His neatly trimmed beard gives him a continental appearance. (noun)The mayor was determined to beard the rumors at a press conference. (verb)

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Reach puberty...

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No Patrick Swayze did not have a beard.

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Black beard did have a pirate

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