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I've tried two places so far, Southeast Financial and First Premier. Both have denied my claim. It's been two years since I was forced into a short sale by the bank on a secondary property. I have a 675 credit score and haven't missed a payment other than the short sale in 20 years. Not sure if I'll ever get a loan...

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โˆ™ 2014-02-05 18:35:54
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Q: Can you get a boat loan after you short sold your house?
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How do you get out of a second mortgage when the house has been sold on a short sale?

How do you get out of a second mortgage when the house has been sold on a short sale?

Can money from bridge loan be used for anything?

I once had a bridge loan. It was meant to provide a down payment on a new house and to be paid back when our other house sold. The terms of your bridge loan would state what you could spend it on. They are usually short term loans for a specific purpose.

Your mother-in-law filed bankruptcy and now has had her boat repossessed Can she be sued for the value of the boat and an additional 18k?

she is liable for whatever is left on the loan after the boat is sold by the creditor. If shes owes 50,000 on the boat and it is sold for 30,000 she is liable for 20,000 and the associated costs of the process.

Can a mortgage company pursue after a foreclosure?

Yes, if the house was sold for less than the loan value.

What happens if a loan is sold with recourse and it goes into default?

what haapend if a loan is sold with recourse and it goes into defualt

What is a short sale on a home mean?

A short sale is where the lender agrees to allow the mortgagor to sell the property for less than what they owe on the loan (because the value of the property is less than the loan amount and therefore that's all it can be sold for).

Your name is on the loan but not on the house deed what happens when you get divorced?

You still owe your part of the loan. Are you sure you are not listed on the deed? Check that out. You could possibly get part of the equity in the house if it is sold that could pay off your part of the loan. Go get a good lawyer. I had a bad one and didn't get the equity I deserved.

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Who pays the loan on my mother's house after her death?

The estate pays the cost to maintain the estate. The house may have to be sold if the mortgage cannot be paid. If someone wants the house, they may wish to pay the mortgage.

What happens if collateral used for loan is sold before the loan is repaid?

You are still responsible for paying the loan as before.

How is a house sold as an owner finance loan with the first loan being a second home rider signed for a vacation home only?

Can property be legally sold as an owner finance sale when there is a second home rider clause where the mortgage company has approved the current loan as a vacation home only and that only the owners are to occupy the property.

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How do you find an old mortgage loan number if the company no longer exists?

im looking for for a person that lived at 2870 evergreen st santa ca. i have the loan number he sold the house n the 70's

How do you find out to whom a house was sold?

how can i find out to whom a house was sold

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If your house is sherriff sold are you responsible for the remaing debt?

Yes, you are still liable. If the sale doesn't cover the cost of the loan, the balance has to be resolved. If there is money left over, after costs, the person that was paying on the loan gets the balance.

What is a house mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan from a bank used to purchase real estate. Until the loan is paid off the bank has a lien on the property. The property cannot be sold or refinanced until that mortgage is paid.

When someone dies what happens to the mortgage loan?

It is normal for people with a mortgage loan to have a life insurance to cover the amount of the loan. If this is the case the insurance will pay off the loan and the property will become part of the dead persons estate in its entirety and (after inheritance tax) the heirs will inherit it. If there is no insurance then the outstanding balance of the mortgage becomes a charge on the estate of the deceased and if there is not enough money available to pay this, then the house will have to be sold to realise this money. If after the sale of the house the estate is still short of funds to cover the mortgage (after funeral expenses are met) then the mortgage company will have to take that loss.

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Does homeowners insurance or boat insurance cover your purchase of a boat if it was sold under fraud?

No, they get mad at you.

What does secure a loan with a mortgage mean?

It means if you fail to keep up the payments of the loan then your home will be sold to clear the loan and you'll be out on the streets.

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Can a lender sell your loan to another company?

Yes. How many times can the loan be sold to other companys in a year

What exactly is a lifetime mortgage?

A lifetime mortgage is a loan that is specifically meant for people aged 55. This type of loan allows the homeowner to release equity on their home. The loan can only be paid back if the house is sold, the homeowner goes into care or on the death of one's partner, in the case of joint ownership.

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