Can you get a citation dismissed if the original is not entered by the officer?

Yikes! The answer to this question really depends on your state and/or county and/or city statutes. Your best bet is to set it up for a court date. Whether that means you meet with a hearing officer or actually have a court hearing once again depends on your area. You may want to search on-line for Traffic codes and statutes for your state to prepare your case. I would also suggest you contact the court this citation is out of and make an appointment. If you were in the jurisdiction of Salt Lake City I would say you have an excellent chance of getting your citation dismissed. Also, no matter what the citation is for if you use State Farm insurance you may have an argument on your hands with them. I say this because State Farm uses court records to raise their rates. Most insurance companies go by your moving violation record, however State Farm uses a company called Choice Point who reports all citations by searching public court records so even if your citation is dismissed because there was a citation issued you may have to argue with your insurance if you use state farm. I am just trying to get the word out about the corrupt practices of that insurance company because they are ripping their customers off. I hope my answer helps.