Can you get a credit card if unemployed?

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Yes. Employment is a factor in the ability to pay. When you are scored your employment status is a factor but doesn't prohibit you getting a card. Plently of people what are independently wealthy (e.g. their income is the results of investment rather then employment) get credit cards all the time. The key is the ability to pay and the risk of non-payment. If you are broke and have no job and no income you will likely be declined.
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What should you do if you have 70K in credit card debt and a house that is not paid off and your spouse is unemployed?

It would appear that the person's options are limited. Refinancing the home if one could get a lower payment and interest and perhaps cash out could be considered but that cou

What do you do if you are unemployed and can't pay your credit card?

Answer . The credit card company will report the incident to the credit bureaus and you cost of credit will go up. You will be referred to a collections agency if the amount

My wife has about 50000 dollars of credit card debt She is unemployed at the moment Can she file bankruptcy alone or do we have to file jointly I have not co-signed for any of her credit cards.?

Though a spouse can operate individually, there are limits to the distance one party can place between themselves and the other in a marriage, and also in the financial struct

What happens if you are unemployed and you return to work with a default judgment for credit card debt unresolved?

The creditor can haul you into court to garnish or attach your wages to satisfy the judgment, unless you earn too little under your state law to garnish. ans Generally s

What can't they do to you if you are unemployed with credit cards and no payments on a loan in four months?

\nYour rights as a consumer\n. \nYour Debts and Debt Collectors\n. \nYou are responsible for your debts. If you fall behind in paying your creditors, or if an error is made

Can a credit card company take you to court when unemployed?

Yes, as long as there is an unpaid debt that is due , a cedit card company may sue and get a judgment against the debtor. The problem for the card company is that if there are

Can you get a student loan being unemployed and have bad credit?

I don't know such kind of loan in US, but if you are a citizen if UK then you can definitely have this loan. These loans are specially designed for those unemployed students w

How do you Get a payday loan unemployed and bad credit?

You can't get a payday loan without a payday. The loan is made as an advance on your next payroll check. If you are unemployed they have nothing to lend on and have no reason

What if you are unemployed and can't pay your credit card?

There is not much that credit card companies can do to collect the money owed to them by people who are unemployed. In the event that you get a job, if you were not making pay

Can a credit card company sue you when you are unemployed?

Yes, they can. For a credit card company to actually SUE someone is pretty serious. If you're talking about collecting on a debt owed, they can certainly get a judgement again

Can a credit card company sue you even you are unemployed?

Yes they can. I have been a stay at home Mom since 2009 and in 2010 a debt collector filed a judgement against me. We hadn't heard anything from them since 2010 after I called
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Can you be a co-signer on a loan if unemployed with good credit rating?

The reason a lender requires a co-signer is to guaranty the loan will be repaid if the primary borrower doesn't have a strong enough credit record or an adequate income. Indee

What can you do if you are unemployed and being sued for credit card debt?

There is in reality no legal defense for the inability to pay one's debts unless the so named debt is invalid. Unfortunately the law does not recognize job loss, illness or

What can you do if you are sued for credit card debt and are unemployed?

Unfortunately the law does not recognize the inability to pay one's debts due to any sort of hardship. If the lawsuit is valid it will go forward regardless of the person's fi