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Start with a department store card. If you can't get that start with a "secured" credit card. It will build credit and allow you to apply for a regular credit card down the road.

2005-06-12 16:43:15
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Can a 16 year old get a credit card?

They can get a debit card, it is tied to a checking account or savings account, but they cannot get a credit card until the age of 18.

Can you get a credit card if you have a decent job and make good money but have no checking or savings account?

While a checking and savings account may factor into the decision whether or not to grant you a credit card, a much larger factor would be whether or not you have established other credit accounts.

What is the difference between a checking account and credit card account?

checking from bank fund & credit card prepaid by credit

How can a Schwab credit card be obtained?

A Schwab credit card can be obtained from applying on the official 'Charles Schwab Bank' website. One can apply for a checking or savings account with them and get a credit card.

Is a credit card needed to sign in to Bank of America?

No, a credit card is not needed to sign into Bank of America. One can have a checking account, a savings account, or other business with Bank of America without having a credit card.

How does a credit card account differ from a checking account?

A credit card account comes with a credit card, which can be used to authorize purchases of any value. The checking account does not come with a credit card and is used for issuing checks.

Can you get debt with a debit card?

Yes you can. It would be limited because when you use your debit card it checks for your balance in the checking account. If you you have it linked to your saving or to a credit card than it will reduce your savings account first and then charge the credit card.

What is an overdraft protection fee?

An overdraft protection fee is a fee assessed to your account when: 1. You have set up overdraft protection for your checking account, usually in the form of a savings account or line of credit/credit card; and 2. You spend more money than you have in your checking account. Overdraft protection transfers money from the linked savings account or line of credit/credit card in order to pay for the expenses that you did not have enough money for in your checking account. There is a fee for this transfer, but it is usually much less - sometimes a savings of 50% - than an insufficient funds fee, which you receive when you spend more money than you have and do not have overdraft protection.

How debit card different from credit card?

When you used your debit card, your purchases will be drawn against your savings or checking account, while when you use your credit card, your purchases will be charged to the credit card issuer, which will collect from you with certain interest added to the total amount of your purchases.

Is it possible to establish credit with debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo if you choose the credit option when you make purchases with them?

No your debit card is linked to a checking or savings account which is not on your credit history.

Checking account with a bank that you also have credit card with Can they garnish your checking account without you knowing?


Does capital one have monthly fees?

This question is pretty vague. It depends on if you're talking about a checking account, credit card, savings account, etc. Generally, Capital One does not charge fees for checking accounts, some of their credit cards have yearly fees, and most of their savings accounts do not carry monthly fees.

What happens if you transfer money from your checking account to your credit card?

When you transfer money from your checking account to your credit card, you make a credit card payment. If you do not have a balance owed on your credit card, then you will have credit or a positive balance on your card.

What does overdraft on your checking account mean?

== == Overdraft on your checking account happens when a withdraw or check written exceeds the funds in the account. Often banks will honor the withdraw or check but then charge the account owner on the borrowed funds. Many banks will offer overdraft protection which will pull money from a different account (often a savings account, line of credit, or credit card).

Do you need a credit card to book online tickets?

To book online tickets you will need a credit card, debit card or you could also buy a prepaid visa card and load it with money. You may also be able to book tickets with a checking or savings account.

What steps can you take to build a sound credit rating?

Start with a job, Open a savings account and save regularly, Open a checking account and manage it carefully, and Apply to a local department store or a gasoline company for a credit card.

What is savings bank account?

A savings bank account is an account that is designed to store savings. You cannot draw money out of it using a debit card or checks, but it pays a higher interest rate than a checking account.

How do core banking solutions work?

A core banking solution is a combination of one or more services that are focused on meeting the current (and future) needs of an individual or company. For example, the most basic "core banking solution" used with individuals combines the following elements: * Checking Account * Savings Account * Debit/ATM Card linked to the Checking Account The most basic "core banking solution" used with business combines the following elements: * Corporate Checking Account * Corporate Savings Account * Corporate Debit/ATM Card linked to the Checking Account * Corporate Credit Card(s)

You know that a bank can take money from one's account if they owe on a credit card but can that bank withdraw funds from a different bank's checking or savings account to pay off said credit card?

If the accounts are held by the same customer - then yes ! The alternate account is an asset - and can be plundered to pay off your debt

What are the types of account in a bank?

Banks offer many different types of accounts to its customers. Some of them are:Savings AccountChecking AccountLoan AccountFixed Deposit AccountRecurring Deposit AccountOver-Draft AccountCredit Card AccountEtc.

Can you pay Bank of America mortgage with credit card?

Bank Of America does not allow payments towards mortgage balance to be applied from a credit card, only a checking account. Cash advance from a credit card can be obtained and then transferred to a checking account which is being used for the mortgage payment.

Can a credit card company take money out of your account without an electronic signature and without your approval even if you cancel the transaction?

Generally, no, unless you cancel the transaction after the fact. If you have made a payment to the credit card company and cancel after the time the transaction was made, yes, the credit card company may take money out of your checking/savings account. If you made some mistake when using your credit card which resulted in a fee or finance charge, the credit card company may put that amount on your credit card bill but may not take the amount out of your checking/savings account unless you specifically ask them to. If you have automatic payments set up, the credit card company may honor those instructions until you send them a WRITTEN request to change the setup. Most card companies allow you to bypass the written component and change automatic payments online.

What is the difference between debit and credit card?

A debt card takes the money out of an existing account, such as a checking account. A credit card accumulates a balance and bills you for the charges on a monthly basis.

What is the difference between check card debit card and credit card?

A check card and debit card are the same thing. Basically, if you already have a checking account, you would use a debit/check card the same way you would if you wrote a check. You make sure that you have the money in your checking account, scan the card at the retailer, and they will deduct that money from your checking account. A credit card is a loan. You don't necessarily need a checking account to have a credit card. When you swipe the credit card, the credit card company is paying for your purchase out of their money. In turn, they will send you a statement or invoice at the end of each month detailing how much you spent and how much you must pay. The major difference is that a credit card can lead to debt if you aren't disciplined. If you only use a check/debit card, you will never go into debt. When you run out of money in your checking account, new transactions will be declined.

Can a credit card company garnish your checking account?

Not without a court order.