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Can you get a divorce but still live together in Wisconsin?

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I don't see why not, but some states say that you must live apart for one year before you can file for divorce so that may be an issue there.

But after the divorce is final, I think you can live with whomever you like, even if it is your ex.

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Can you get a divorce if you still live together in Colorado?

Yes, you can live together and still get a divorce.

Can you file for divorce if you still live together in Maryland?

Yes you can file for a divorce even if you both live together in Maryland, then you must stay separate for one full year.

Can you still divorce if you lived together during your legal separation in NY?

You will have to live seperately for a full year before the divorce.

Can people still live together after divorce inTexas?

Why would they....but why not. There is no law saying that they can't.

Can you get a divorce if you still live together in Indiana?

Yes, there are no laws in Indiana that state couples cannot be living together when they file for a divorce. There is also no time limit of being separated before you file for a divorce.

You are filing for divorce but your spouse an you agree to live together till the divorce is final?

when you file for divorce both you and wife are bound to live separately until you both get divorce from the Court. If you and spouse wants to live together and apply divorce the law will not grant divorce to you both as you are willing to live together and the question of divorce does not arise get divorce under any grounds both the parties must live separately.

If you have filed for a divorce can you still live in the house with your spouse?

If you recently filed for a divorce in alabama,can you still live in the house with your spouse

Can a husband a wife still live together while going through a divorce in CA?

they can and possibly settle their differences then.

Can two people live together during a divorce?

they can live together until they are officialy divorced.

If you get legally divorced can you still live together?

Yes you can still stay in the same house after the divorce, as you see she must have put a equal amount of her money in that house,

What percent of people that live together before they are married get divorces?

80% of people that live together befor they are married get a divorce

If married in Wisconsin can you get divorce in Arkansas?

Consult an attorney where you live to determine what is best in your circumstance. Generally speaking, you can file for divorce where you have residency regardless of where you were legally married. An attorney will help you determine the other qualifications necessary for divorce.

How long do two people have to live together to be considered common law married in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin does not recognize common law marriages.

Does consider husband and wife legally married if they live together after the divorce?

No, they are divorced.

How do you marry a girl or live together without getting a divorce from first wife?

live in a diffrent house than her that would work out or just be friends and dont divorce

If a husband obtains a US divorce from a civil marriage in the US without mentioning the religious marriage in India and the couple still live together is the divorce valid?

US laws take precedence, therefore if the couple were legally married in the US and legally divorced in the US, then the divorce is valid. If the couple lived together as a couple (engaging in a sexual relationship, sharing mutual finances, etc.) at the time the divorce was pending then the divorce is not valid.

Do you have to be separated before divorce in Florida?

No. Technically you can live in the same house and still file for divorce. Florida is a No-Fault state you dont need a reason to divorce.

If men are going through a separation or divorce why do they still refer to their exes as their wives?

A Separation is not a divorce and you are still legally married. "Getting" a divorce, you are still married until the law tells you otherwise and papers are signed. I usually hear "ex wife" or "ex husband" and that just means the couple don't live together and could mean they are just separated or are getting a divorce. Some men may refer to their ex wife as "wife" out of habit.

How Can you get a divorce in the state of Kentucky if your husband lives out of state and refuses to sign divorce papers and says he will never sign the papers?

Answer What I know about divorce papers is that they require two signatures, one from you the other from your husband, and if he doesn't sign the divorce papers, it doesn't matter he is no longer in the State where you live, if he doesn't sign the papers you can't get your divorce. There is also common law marriages where two people can live together for as long as they want and divorced or not, you can still live with another man. There's no law against it.

If me and my partner married in Las Vegas and we live in the UK do we need to get a divorce now that we are no longer together and are now in other relationships?

Only if you're planing on getting married again.AnswerIf you are no longer together it would be better to get a divorce. He/she is still considered to be your next of kin and would be an heir to your estate if you are still legally married. You may be held liable for debts that he/she incurs too.

In Florida can an ex wife cohabit with a live-in boyfriend after divorce and still collect alimony?

Yes, once the wife is legally divorced she can date or live with whomever she wants and still collect alimony if that was the agreement in the divorce settlement.

Do wolves live in Wisconsin?

Yes wolves live in Wisconsin.

Is divorce is possible if boy and girl doesn't live together?

i am not sure, but yes i think it is possible

You are dating a Marine that is legally separated can you live together before the divorce is final?

no, he could get into trouble, but not if a her.

When 2 organisms live together and both benefit this relationship is called?

Poor man's divorce.